Phoenix, AZ Warehouse

( 63 Reviews )
Target DC Truck Entrance Logo

Target DC Truck Entrance


52 N 71st Ave Phoenix, AZ 85043
Jose Sanchez


( 1 Reviews )
Ewing Logo



5302 W Buchanan St Phoenix, AZ 85043
( 3 Reviews )
UFI Southwest Factory Logo

UFI Southwest Factory


777 South 67th Ave Phoenix, AZ 85043
Dan Morrow

Great warehouse to unload . Big parking lot to maneuver in and great people .

( 17 Reviews )
Home Depot #8617 Logo

Home Depot #8617


872 S 71st Ave Phoenix, AZ 85043
( 52 Reviews )
VPX Phoenix Logo

VPX Phoenix


4747 W Buckeye Rd Phoenix, AZ 85043
Kevin Knight

I had a 14:00 load appointment, arrived at 11:30. I was sent to 325, was given a door right away and 2 ice cold bangs! Great people, very professional and they loaded me ... more

( 109 Reviews )
Transtar Industries Logo

Transtar Industries

Auto Body Parts Supplier, Auto Body Parts Supplier, Transmission Shop

4530 N 43rd Ave Phoenix, AZ 85031
Ivan Flores

Good people

( 1 Reviews )
JVC Auto Logo

JVC Auto


2326 E Washington St Phoenix, AZ 85034
( 81 Reviews )
Freeport Logistics, Inc Logo

Freeport Logistics, Inc

Warehouse, Trucking Company

431 N 47th Ave Phoenix, AZ 85043
Angela James

Well coming to pick up a loaded trailer. There was a mix up and it took a little while to get it straightened out. But from the friendly guard to whoever he was talking t ... more

( 67 Reviews )
In-N-Out Burger Distribution Center Logo

In-N-Out Burger Distribution Center


1750 E Riverview Dr Phoenix, AZ 85034
Dejan Pecenicic

For 16 year of being a Truck driver, I have never experienced this kind of friendly staff, security, all the employees at pickup or delivery. This company is truly truck ... more

( 19 Reviews )
Sk Food Receiving Office Logo

Sk Food Receiving Office


790 South 75th Avenue Phoenix, AZ 85043
Isabelle P

Super friendly staff! There is parking space to sleep and there are very clean toilets They open at 5 a.m. local time and they maintain appointment times so you have to ... more

( 12 Reviews )
Amazon Warehouse Logo

Amazon Warehouse


500 59th Ave Phoenix, AZ 85043
Mike Weber

My son works there we are there almost every day

( 10 Reviews )
Exel Logo



7210 W Van Buren St e102 Phoenix, AZ 85043
Ulises Rivera


( 8 Reviews )
Pepsi Co Logo

Pepsi Co


4202 E Raymond St Phoenix, AZ 85040
Carlos Bueno

Good place to deliver , guard friendly got in before 5 am to make delivery

( 1 Reviews )
Truck Yard Amazon PHX6 Logo

Truck Yard Amazon PHX6


4750 W Mohave St Phoenix, AZ 85043
Billy Oliver

Easy and decent back in loading was fast . I had a 9:00 a.m. I arrived at 8:00. I was in dock by 8:15 out by 9:30 bills in hand

( 4 Reviews )
Hessaire Products, Inc. - AZ Logo

Hessaire Products, Inc. - AZ


5924 W Washington St Phoenix, AZ 85043
Jennifer Duarte

The owner Jerry is sending out used and moldy product to big corporations. He was made aware of the situation and continued to have his workers ship out the product rega ... more

( 8 Reviews )
APS-deer valley warehouse Logo

APS-deer valley warehouse


10001 N 23rd Ave Phoenix, AZ 85021
Vernon Brobst

First come first served. Usually get second fork lift to help unload. Usually in and out less than an hour.

( 3 Reviews )
Walmart Warehouse Freight Distribution Logo

Walmart Warehouse Freight Distribution


Serving Phoenix, AZ 85043
Mel Camper

Outside carriers need an appointment. The gate has an associate 24hrs.

( 1 Reviews )
KACO Warehouse Outfitters Logo

KACO Warehouse Outfitters


3025 S 46th St. Phoenix, Arizona 85040
( 2 Reviews )



Serving Phoenix, AZ 85043
( 4 Reviews )
FHI Logo



6111 W Washington St Phoenix, AZ 85043
Erika Joaquin

Horrible company to work at.

( 3 Reviews )



3030 N 30th Ave Phoenix, AZ 85017
Julie Tambe

Love this company

( 10 Reviews )



Van Buren St &, N 61st Ave Phoenix, AZ 85043
Arthur Squirrel P

Yard work

( 67 Reviews )
Amazon Fulfillment Center- KRB3 Logo

Amazon Fulfillment Center- KRB3


8181 W Roosevelt St Phoenix, AZ 85043
Maribel Ibarra

Horrible experience working there(micromanagement and favoritism)

( 3 Reviews )
Fullscript Logo



317 S 48th St Phoenix, AZ 85034

I need a ride to the casino

( 8 Reviews )
Amazon Fulfillment Center HPX2 Logo

Amazon Fulfillment Center HPX2


3331-3333 S 59th Ave Phoenix, AZ 85043

Very slow this location I try with them everything pick up they take forever I try delivery they take it on time even if u drop empty its been 5 hours waiting now just to ... more

( 22 Reviews )



2433 W Desert Cove Ave Phoenix, AZ 85029
Anneka Johnson

I'm a frequent customer (and I mean, almost daily), but what's with the delivery driver hiring policy? A friend of mine, who is a person of color, applied and was told th ... more

( 21 Reviews )
Brown's Partsmaster, INC - Downtown store is CLOSED Logo

Brown's Partsmaster, INC - Downtown store is CLOSED

Bathroom Supply Store, Plumbing Supply Store, Warehouse

439 N 19th Ave Phoenix, AZ 85009

As a plumber in Flagstaff az they are extremely helpful, if I cant find specific parts here they will almost always have it sent to me the next day. Would always recommen ... more

( 11 Reviews )
Halco Lighting Technologies Logo

Halco Lighting Technologies


3103 E Broadway Rd #100 Phoenix, AZ 85040
Sergiu Pascan

I got there 17:10, they’ve waited for me, loaded in 15 minutes

( 1 Reviews )
US Foods on-site parking Logo

US Foods on-site parking


4605 W Hadley St Phoenix, AZ 85043
nicolae ostrovschi

Park before you check in Parking available before guard shack or on the street have the seal number to check in Safety vest on all the time something like no vest no serv ... more

( 56 Reviews )
Maricopa Business Center Logo

Maricopa Business Center

Business Center, Real Estate Agency, Warehouse

4010-4032 E Broadway Rd Phoenix, AZ 85040
( 5 Reviews )
Maricopa county Facilities Management Logo

Maricopa county Facilities Management


2401 S 28th Dr Phoenix, AZ 85009
Bouman Seth

This place is legit!

( 8 Reviews )
Walmart Warehouse Logo

Walmart Warehouse


7775 W Buckeye Rd Phoenix, AZ 85043

Driving a truck for five years, best place to unload.

( 22 Reviews )
Closet Candy Boutique Logo

Closet Candy Boutique


2550 E Mohawk Ln #160 Phoenix, AZ 85050
Jessica Zollner

Closet candy boutique has changed my life! Not only do they have the cutest clothing, but they have an affiliate program where you can be a stylist & earn a living by sha ... more

( 46 Reviews )
Del Sol Furniture Distribution Center Logo

Del Sol Furniture Distribution Center


3925 W Adams St #1 Phoenix, AZ 85009
Kay Rust

We enjoyed the shopping experience and came home with a great deal on furniture

( 24 Reviews )
Goodmans Interior Structures Warehouse Logo

Goodmans Interior Structures Warehouse


212 S 37th Ave Suite 110 Phoenix, AZ 85009
( 2 Reviews )
Allied Packaging Corporation Logo

Allied Packaging Corporation


202 S 27th St Phoenix, AZ 85034
haashir irfan

Great people. Very fast loading. Plenty of space. Entrance is on 27th ave. Your GPS might take you to 28th ave , dont follow gps .

( 1177 Reviews )
St. Mary's Food Bank Logo

St. Mary's Food Bank

Food Bank, Warehouse

2831 31st Ave Phoenix, AZ 85009
Edward Clark

Love this place good place to work and they help slot of people

( 19 Reviews )
Keyston Bros - Phoenix Logo

Keyston Bros - Phoenix

Upholstery Shop, Leather Wholesaler, Marine Supply Store

1025 S 63rd Ave Phoenix, AZ 85043
Ben Jacobs

Awesome selection and great customer service

( 82 Reviews )
Sullivan Moving & Storage Logo

Sullivan Moving & Storage

Mover, Moving And Storage Service, Storage Facility

1439 S 40th Ave Ste 200A Phoenix, AZ 85009
M. Thompson

Getting in touch with them can be challenging but they did a great job with my move. They arrived a few minutes after the set arrival time, packed everything quickly and ... more

( 27 Reviews )
Brown's Partsmaster, INC - North Phoenix Logo

Brown's Partsmaster, INC - North Phoenix

Restaurant Supply Store, Bathroom Supply Store, Building Materials Store

2515 E Rose Garden Ln #2 Phoenix, AZ 85050
Jason Osborne

Great Plumbing Supply! Shane at the counter is a BIG HELP.

( 333 Reviews )
Marshalls Distribution Center Logo

Marshalls Distribution Center


3000 S 55th Ave Phoenix, AZ 85043
Ariana Sosa

great company and great pay:)

( 5 Reviews )
Aaron's Distribution Logo

Aaron's Distribution


212 S 37th Ave suite 101 Phoenix, AZ 85009
Luis Cortes

Take a really long time to unload is like if nobody was doing their job. Not a good place to deliver

( 47 Reviews )
Capstone Logistics Logo

Capstone Logistics


2540 N 29th Ave Phoenix, AZ 85009
Eduardo Gasca

One of the slowest service ever it takes more than 6 hrs to unload,this people just came to make their work hrs and go home you can spend here up to two shifts and they d ... more

( 6 Reviews )
Prologic Logo



2200 S 48th Ave Phoenix, AZ 85043
Sergio Lpez

It is a place where I had a very bad experience with one of the workers, named GERRY, he is a very arrogant guy and they kept me for 15 hours because of him, and as if th ... more

( 1 Reviews )
Cosic Logistics 6 Logo

Cosic Logistics 6


835 N 47th Ave Phoenix, AZ 85043
( 3 Reviews )
Johnson Controls Logo

Johnson Controls


801 South 75th Avenue Phoenix, AZ 85043
Katie Birtel

Worst company ever to deal with...

( 7 Reviews )
Pope Lime Co Logo

Pope Lime Co


1101 E Ocotillo Rd Phoenix, AZ 85014
Jim DeLung, Phd

Their sweet and sour mix is the BEST! Fantastic customer service.

( 16 Reviews )
OmniSource United Logo

OmniSource United


4380 W Lower Buckeye Rd Phoenix, AZ 85043
Joe Family

No stock. Great customer service though . Worst tire wholesaler in AZ .Looks like the owner doesn't even care about loosing money .

( 1 Reviews )
Prologis Logo


Real Estate Developer, Logistics Service, Warehouse

4555 E Elwood St #105 Phoenix, AZ 85040
( 51 Reviews )
Sullivan Moving & Storage Logo

Sullivan Moving & Storage

Mover, Moving And Storage Service, Storage Facility

1439 S 40th Ave, Ste 200A Phoenix, AZ 85009
Kim Callahan

Lost some family heirlooms, damaged others - after 2 days of emails and calls sent me a link to fill out a claim form without even trying to find my missing stuff. Movers ... more