VoIP vs. Landline Phone Systems: What’s Right for Your Business?


The Pros and Cons of VoIP

A VoIP phone system provides telephone service over your high-speed internet connection. By using a connection that is already there VoIP providers are able to offer their service for a significantly lower price.  In fact, you can save around 50% on your phone bill by making the switch. The low monthly rate and the myriad of added features have many businesses across the country ditching their traditional landlines and switching to VoIP.  The most obvious downside to VoIP is that since your phone system relies on your internet connection, if your internet goes down for any reason, your phone system goes with it.

On the other hand, a VoIP phone service includes unlimited local and long-distance calling, and features like: call waiting, call forwarding, automated attendant, and toll-free numbers and local numbers for other states and area codes. This last feature allows you to establish a presence in another city or state, say California or Florida for example, while your office might be in New York. You can have your business listed in directories and phone books even though your office is hundreds of miles away. All these features are extras that cost an additional fee with landline services.

How VoIP Works

VoIP (or voice over internet protocol) works by converting your voice into a digital signal and transmitting it over your internet connection.  You can connect a microphone or headset to the computer, or use a regular phone by connecting it to an adaptor which is then connected to your modem or wireless router. Some service providers use a gateway instead of an adaptor, and other services require the purchase of a specialized phone.

You can still call people on regular landlines using a digital phone service. Without any effort from you, the digital signal will be converted into a regular telephone signal before it reaches your call destination.
Why VoIP is a Business Necessity

VoIP offers flexibility, affordability and features that are business necessities all in one. As I said in the beginning, by cutting the cost of a landline you are reducing costs, especially if your business is paying for minutes and has many employees. Some VoIP services offer conference calling and fax services as well, which are two more features you would have to pay individual service providers for. Every business owner wants to get more for their money, well with VoIP you can even get more for less money – stop paying fees for extra features and find out why thousands of people and many businesses across the country have already made the switch.

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