Four Mobile Apps Your Small Business Needs


It’s a mobile world out there. If you run a small business, there’s a good chance you’re using a smartphone or tablet at least part of the time, so you can work on the go and take advantage of not being tied to an office. But are you using your mobile device to its optimal capacity?

These apps can help you be more organized, more efficient, and ready to take your small business anywhere.


An easy-to-use online work management platform, Asana brings a whole lot of collaborative functions together under one intuitive interface. The web app, created by Facebook co-founder Dustin Mostovitz and entrepreneur Justin Rosenstein, is based around Tasks as units of work, and makes team collaboration easy no matter how geographically diverse your team might be.

Asana is available as an online platform, an iOS app, and through an HTML5 mobile site for Android and other platforms. The cost of the program is free for up to 30 team members—the best price for budget-conscious small business owners.

Google Drive

The key to a successful mobile office is the ability to access your files anywhere. Google Drive gives you that and more. This cloud storage solution also provides access to a full-featured productivity software suite that’s comparable to Microsoft Office, and lets you edit and collaborate on the fly.

Google Drive gives you 5GB of free storage. If you need more, space is extremely reasonable: 25GB will cost $2.49/month, and 100GB is $4.99/month.


Meeting face-to-face can be a challenge for today’s small businesses working in a global market. With staff, contractors, and clients who are probably fairly far-flung, geographically speaking, small businesses are redefining the concept of meetings.

WebEx is an app that can help you out with that. You can hold virtual meetings with up to 100 participants—more than the 25-person limit for Skype video chats—and the WebEx platform offers additional features that let you create shared virtual workspaces, simulating an office experience.

The free WebEx program is available online, with mobile apps for iOS, Android, and Blackberry platforms.


If your business is mobile, you’ll want to be able to process mobile payments. Square is the easiest, most cost-effective way to do that. This system comes with Square Reader—a small plastic card swipe accessory that plugs into the headphone jack of your mobile device—and the Square Register point-of-sale app.

Both the reader and the app are free, and there are no sign-up fees or account minimums. It costs just 2.75 percent per transaction—less than most merchant solutions, for a credit and debit card reader that you can use anywhere.

Take advantage of these mobile apps to boost your on-the-go productivity and get more from your small business.

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