4 Small Business Technology Must-Haves


When it comes to efficiently running your small business, technology is the key. There are so many options for streamlining your business operations – but they can also become overwhelming. As you continue to improve your small business, make sure you are taking advantage of these technology boosters:

Cloud Collaborations

The days of emailing the same spreadsheet back and forth are long gone, and that’s a good thing. Today, there are ways to share information in one spot with many collaborators and access these files from any computer with internet capabilities. Instead of putting up with the cost of time lost, efficient small businesses can make use of the Cloud to improve workflow and accuracy. This can be a great spot companies documents too, like employee handbooks or shared goals.

Inventory Management Systems

If you sell physical products, you probably have an inventory system in place. Service companies should have this too, though. An integrated inventory management system will let you and your employees access customer contact information, clients in progress and upcoming events or promotions. If it has been several years since you installed your current inventory management system, look into an upgrade since technology is changing so rapidly.

Easy-to-Use Payment Options

As a small business owner, you are no longer limited to accepting cash or checks. Instead, you can pick from a wide variety of inexpensive, or free, ways to accept electronic payments from customers. Whether you use an application on your smartphone or tablet, or direct customers to log in and pay you through online payment websites, you can easily expand the way you accept payments online.

BYOD Policies

You can save a lot of operating cash by allowing your employees to bring their own smart devices to work and then paying for some of that usage. A staggering 48 percent of U.S. households will own tablets by the end of 2014, and 56 percent of U.S. adults are now smartphone owners. Bring your own device, or BYOD, initiatives are gaining ground in businesses, and even in schools, throughout the country because they save the upfront cost of the devices and allow users access to something they are already comfortable using. Personal electronics used to be frowned upon in the workplace, but savvy business owners now welcome it as a way to stay efficient.

Every small business owner wants to save spending dollars because it means more money in his or her pocket at the end of the day. By streamlining what you already do to model higher efficiency, you will be able to stack up a lot more cash long-term. Affordable technology implementation is just one way to do it.

How have you made your small business more efficient through smarter technology use?

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