Putting Email Marketing Into the Sales Team’s Hands

Is email marketing just for the marketing department, or should you consider throwing your sales team into the mix?

Putting Email Marketing Into the Sales Team’s Hands

“Your sales team should have a CRM.” How many times have you heard that? Well it is true that a sales team is more efficient with CRM software, but how many people will tell you “Your sales team should have email marketing”? You probably get a smaller number of people telling you that. Why? Is it because email “marketing” is just for the marketing department? I would like to paint you a picture of how the marketing department can fuel your sales team’s email marketing effectiveness.

Setting Your Sales Team Up For Success

It is true that your marketing department should be handling your large email sends, but there is a huge opportunity for the marketing department to aid your sales team. Start by meeting with the sales staff. Go over some of the plain emails they send out to clients time and time again. Chances are you will have 4-5 emails that keep popping up.

How great would it be to save your sales team time by creating a well-designed template that includes all of the information they type up on a regular basis so they can save time typing and spend more time calling and sending? Most CRMs have the capability to plug-in email marketing, and some CRM software has email marketing built in. This will allow your sales team to make a call, send a pre-created email, and continue on.

Having a well-designed template can increase click rates which is what we want. If your sales team is sending out generic text emails, chances are they are missing out on click opportunities. Utilize your marketing department to make your sales process more successful.

Email Marketing For Sales

Another way to boost your sales team’s success is by providing warm leads. Are you sending out email blasts to prospects and customers without proper follow up with those that showed interest? You may be missing a golden opportunity. With email marketing you have the ability to see who showed interest by seeing who opened and clicked on emails. Why is this information not in your sales team’s hands?

By having your sales team call email clickers you can guarantee that the prospect has seen information, and had enough interest to find out more. This gives your sales team great talking points when they get on the phone call. Rather than calling 2 year old cold leads out of the blue you can warm them up with a targeted email campaign.

Tie Back To Marketing

The important thing to note when sending out email campaigns and having your sales team follow up is measuring success. Always measure the success of each campaign so your marketing team can make alterations to increase the success. Things to track include:

  • Open Rates
  • Click Rates
  • Free Trial Rates
  • Client to Send Ratio

By gathering this data you can see what needs improvement within your campaign, and turn the dials to increase performance.

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