How to Close Sales Faster and Easier


Closing a sale can be tough. But it gets even tougher when your prospect just can’t seem to make a decision. They say they’re interested, but don’t take action. They promise you the order is coming, but it never seems to materialize.

Here’s the deal. You don’t have to keep waiting. Here are three strategies you can use now to get that order closed. 

In this video, you learned three ways to close sales faster. Offering fewer options makes it easier for your prospects to choose. By limiting the number of choices, you eliminate the angst they feel in trying to decide which is best.

If money is an issue, you discovered how to spread it over time instead of invoicing all at once. Again, this reduces the barrier to getting started now – especially when they can really benefit from your product or service. And finally, you learned that with your expertise, you can often add value to a project without adding cost.

A 1-2-3 way to win sales and create customer loyalty. 

TODAY: Identify three prospects who’ve indicated that they want to work with you, but where the sale is stalled out. Brainstorm how you can use these strategies to get them to take action. Then, get in touch with each one. First have a short conversation about why they’re stuck. Then, if it’s applicable, propose your new ideas.

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Jill Konrath
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