3 Ways to Position Yourself Better on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the resource today’s prospects look at most often. Discover three things you can do to position yourself as a trusted resource worth meeting with.

3 Ways to Position Yourself Better on LinkedIn

Today’s prospects often go online to check you out before you meet. And, LinkedIn is the resource they’re looking at most often.

Have you ever thought about what your profile says about you? If not, you may not realize that it can have a tremendous impact on your prospect’s perception of your credibility.

In this video, you’ll discover three things you can do to position yourself as a trusted resource who is worth meeting.

How you use LinkedIn determines if your prospect sees you as just another product-pushing peddler or as a credible resource. To start with, make sure you have a complete profile that showcases your expertise.

Then, you’ll want to focus on other areas to build your credibility. Customer-written recommendations really make a difference to your prospects. They know it’s not marketing fluff, but real people who have had a good experience working with you and your company.

You’ll also want to join industry-focused or job-specific groups that your targeted prospect would be in. Be a contributor in these groups, sharing your knowledge freely. And finally, make sure you update your status at least once a day.

When you do these three things, you’ll stand out from your competitors and make a positive impact. It’s worth it.

TODAY: Visit (or create) your LinkedIn profile. Think of three customers who could write good recommendations for you and send them a request.

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