Olivia Roat

Olivia Roat

Olivia Roat is a 24-year-old with an interest in all things writing, marketing, and social media. She currently works as an inbound marketer at Mainstreethost, a digital marketing agency in Buffalo, NY. An English and History major at heart, she first entered the marketing field when she interned at a non-profit in Buffalo. Olivia then left the meteorologically maligned Queen City for New York City, where she interned for a few months at a start-up at a social good organization and learned all about social media marketing.

Now back in the climate-challenged city of Buffalo and working at Mainstreethost, Olivia is the primary contributor to the Mainstreethost blog, writing on topics ranging from Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest to content marketing to branding. She loves writing and researching; she has a penchant for copyediting and a proclivity for the Oxford comma.

When she’s not immersed in the latest social media news, Olivia can most likely be found reading fiction, a fashion magazine, or a cookbook (sometimes all three at once) or fawning over her two-year-old cockapoo, Winnifer. A true literature nerd, she loves anything and everything Jane Austen and Virginia Woolf. She also thinks 30 Rock is the greatest show on earth and has “meet Tina Fey” on her bucket list.

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