6 Morning Habits Of Successful Business Owners

Getting your day off to the right start can be the difference between a highly productive day or missing out of opportunities. Apply these morning habits that promote productivity.

6 Morning Habits Of Successful Business Owners

One thing shared among successful business owners is a common set of habits they use every morning to set the tone of their day and to create a mindset that allows them to solve problems, innovate, and have an optimistic approach to the challenges that arise throughout the day.

Many business owners understand that using their time in the morning to pursue inner peace, exercise, and set achievable and measurable goals for the day is an investment in their success. Creating and sustaining even a few of these morning habits can help you to reach your goals, both professionally and personally.

1. Get Up Earlier

Make it a priority to wake up at least 1-2 hours earlier than you normally do on your workdays. Giving yourself a cushion of time in the early morning will allow you to explore and implement your new early morning habit routines.

Of course, if you are getting up earlier, you will need to have a clear understanding of your personal sleep needs and habits. While some people may thrive on limited sleep, it is important to your physical, mental and emotional health to get adequate sleep every night. Examine your sleeping patterns, including when you typically go to bed, how much technology you use in the hours leading up to bedtime, and the comfort of your bed and mattress.

Give yourself time to make the change to waking up earlier as you adjust and fine-tune your nightly bedtime routines to ensure you get enough sleep even with the earlier wake-up time.

2. Begin the Night Before

As you examine your sleep schedule and alter your bedtime routine to allow you to wake up earlier, set yourself up for success in the early morning hours by assessing your day and your goals for the next day. Making a simple list of smaller tasks or goals that you did not accomplish today and need to prioritize the next day can be useful.

Additionally, take a few minutes in the evening to set your morning up for success. Many of us suffer from what is known as decision fatigue, a mental state of fatigue or lack of focus on bigger goals or decisions due to having to make dozens of small decisions every hour of the day. Deciding what to wear the next day, laying out your work bag, phone, and keys, even setting your breakfast choices out for the next morning can free your mind from the distraction of smaller decisions and allow you to focus on your morning time and thinking about larger goals for the day.

3. Move Your Body

Whether you are a hardcore fitness lover who runs every day or someone who seeks fitness that is gentler on your body such as yoga or stretching, taking time in the early morning hours to move your body will help to fully energize you before you begin your day. Exercise offers tangible health benefits as well as side effects such as increased blood flow to the brain and the release of endorphins, which are natural mood lifters produced by the brain. Creating a morning exercise habit is an investment in your long-term health as well as a simple way to fully wake your mind.

4. Fuel Your Body and Brain

Whether you love a big, hearty breakfast or have a limited appetite early in the morning, you can improve your day by eating a nutritious breakfast that meets your morning appetite needs. Add choices that include protein to give you energy for the coming day and consider adding fruits or vegetables to your breakfast routine that offer anti-oxidant properties. Avoid sugary, caffeinated breakfast drinks when possible and replace with water instead to fully hydrate your body and your brain.

5. Enjoy Some Quiet Time

When you wake up earlier than the rest of your household and the world around you, you have the unique opportunity to enjoy peaceful, quiet moments without the noise and bustle of day-to-day life. Many successful business owners use this quiet time to meditate, or to spend time observing the beauty of nature, or to read fulfilling or motivational books.

6. Assess the Urgency of Your Daily Task Goals

If you spent time creating a list of goals for the day the night before, review the list and prioritize which tasks are urgent and should be tackled immediately as the day begins. Taking on urgent tasks early in the day will build confidence and success that will help carry you through the rest of the day.

Changing your morning habits can be challenging and will take a few weeks to fully implement as you alter your routines. Tracking your changes and your small wins and successes will help you see patterns and assess your success over time.

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