Master a Great Experience for your Customers

One of the key ingredients to a business’s success is the ability to form a consistent relationship with your customers. Learn how to deliver a personalized CX for long term customer retention.

Master a Great Experience for your Customers

One of the key ingredients to a business’s success is the ability to form a consistent relationship with your customers. And, building a relationship takes time and work. Often, ensuring a great customer relationship takes the work of several teams on the same page and working together. The sales team and customer success or account management team can especially make an impact on the customer experience.

Through collaboration and smart planning, sales and customer success teams can create impactful content that is personalized, helpful and makes the customer feel they are being helped before they even have an issue. While there are many ways these two teams can work together, often email marketing is a great way to serve the customer.

Often, email is how the customer is most comfortable in engaging with a company. It can serve both sales efforts and customer care needs. Finally, email automation can make emails work nearly effortlessly. With some careful planning and automation, your team can get the most out of your email marketing and master the steps to customer success.

Personalize Customer Communication

Many of us are overwhelmed with the number of emails that come through our inbox each day. In fact, it is estimated that the average American get over 100 emails a day. It is vital that both sales and customer success teams cut through the clutter to get the readers attention.

One of the best ways to do this is through personalization. Rather than seeing generic email subjects, or intros, a personalize email message shows your care about each customer at an individual level. For example, image how different an experience it is for a customer to receive an email that says "Do Your Holiday Shopping Early" vs. "Matt, The Waffle Maker You've Been Eyeing is on Sale!" The personalized email feels like it was written just for that customer.

Fortunately, personalization doesn’t require you to send individual emails. By connecting your email system to a data base that has customers and their last purchase you can leverage mail merge tags to automatically create personalized emails in mass.

Personalization is everything when it comes to your emails. Half of all companies believe their revenue growth is directly tied to increased personalization. This is because your customers want to feel valued. They want emails that feel like you know who they are and are able to provide what they need. Customer success can also use this technique to reach out directly with new updates, or provide specific information unique to their industry.

Follow Up if No Response is Received

We all have that one friend that we don't hear back from after we have left a voicemail. It's nothing personal. It usually just means they got busy. The same is true in business. Maybe a customer hasn't responded to an email you sent. Sure, there's a chance they are not interested, but there is also a chance that they just got busy. Often it can actually be helpful to follow up again.

Email automation solutions, like Mixmax can automatically follow up based on rule or situations. For example, if one contact opens your emails, but doesn’t reply, you can send a follow up with new information. Alternately, if another contact doesn’t even open the email, you can set up a different rule to send an emal that explains your services again. Automating these emails saves an incredible amount of time during the day. It is one less task on your daily calendar.

Customer care teams can use email automation to prevents representatives from forgetting to follow up or even to respond faster. For example, you can set up emails to automatically be sent once a customer emails the customer success team.. The email should confirm that you have received their inquiry and will follow up shortly. This automatic email make customers feel heard while your team takes time to resolve the issue. Having a system in place that automatically handles follow ups, is an easy, impactful time saver.

Accompany Customers Through the Customer Journey

Whether your customer is just at the beginning of their journey (maybe they filled out a contact form on your website), or they are right smack dab at the heart of it (they have now made several purchases from you), your customers need your guidance.

Loyal customers are obtained through a consistent and often times automated email marketing strategy. You should be following up with them every step of the way. Maybe they left items in their cart, recently made a purchase and you want to make sure it went well, or haven't made a purchase in a while and you want to check in. You can create marketing emails for each different step and provide value. You can also use this information for customer care to see if they need to reach out directly or via phone or text. Maintaining a proactive relationship is essential.

Using All The Data

Finally, once you set up all the emails above, you can find valuable data that can inform future emails and other marketing efforts. By looking through the information in your email system, you can uncover which customers are opening emails and still engaged with your business. These might be value customers to find more of. By running A/B tests, you can discover what messages are working and what isn’t. Use these learning to information how you talk about your product both by the customer care team and in marketing effort. By working together and levering the power of email marketing, both the marketing team and customer care can create a powerful, data-driven experience that increase the life-time-value of every customer.

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