Video Marketing for Small Business Owners

Here is a basic guide to get you started in web based video marketing and to give you the tools to capitalize on this aspect of marketing.

Video Marketing for Small Business Owners
YouTube may be the most popular video outlet on the internet, but it isn’t the only one.  There are many more sites that support video and video marketing.  While YouTube has some restrictions, many of these other sites don’t have any restrictions.  Here is a basic guide to get you started in web based video marketing and to give you the tools to capitalize on this aspect of marketing. 

Develop Content Strategically

The worst thing you can do with video marketing is to start posting content without a clear, strategic plan.  Prior to posting your first video, have several other videos shot and ready to go.  Each video should build on the previous one.  This will keep things logical and appealing to customers.  You should also make sure that your videos are kept under ten minutes.  Anything longer and you run the risk of losing a potential client.

Syndication is King

There are hundreds of sites for you to post your videos on.  The more places your videos are stored, the more people you will reach.  Syndicate and get your videos out to multiple sites.  Someone who refuses to watch a video on YouTube, for example, will watch the same video on another site.  Cover as many as you can and your budget allows since there may be some fees associated with some sites.  Here are some sites you can use to post videos:

  •  Blip is a site similar to YouTube designed for sharing.

  •  Veoh allows you to upload your own videos and has many professionally produced videos, animations, and news spots as well.

Social Media is the Future of Marketing

If you want your marketing videos to go viral then you need to be thinking of social media.  Getting social here means more than Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, it means marketing your videos where your customers are.  YouTube allows for the creation of channels by businesses but there are other sites out there that allow video uploads you can target.  Google’s Places for Business and Merchant Circle are both excellent sites for marketing your business videos.

Give People a Reason to Go to Your Site

After you’ve captivated consumer attention with the video you produced, you can entice them to your website to make purchases for small incentives.  The best incentives give the customer something of value and cost nothing or very little for the business.  Get creative and give them a reason.

Let Them Interact

Everyone wants to be interactive today.  People like to feel that what they think or do drives something that is important to others or to them.  Include surveys with your video posts and allow people to tell you what they think.  If they do comment take the time to reply to those comments and thank the positive ones and address the negative ones in a positive way.

Cliffhangers Drive Traffic

Almost everyone who watched television in the 1980s wanted to know who shot J.R.  You can use this principle to drive business to your site and drive your sales.  Entice your viewers with just enough information to make them want more; once they are hooked they are more likely to click on the link that takes them to your site.

Crunch the Numbers

After your videos have been on the web for a month or two it is time to get down to analytics.  There are several websites that help with this for a fee.  You’ll want to research a couple different sites to make sure the site does what you need before you pay. 

Anything you do through Google can likely be analyzed through Google Analytics among other tools the web giant has in place.  You need to examine and evaluate data on a number of views, length of views, and number of shares.  With this data in hand for each video you can decide what works and what needs to be redone. 

Video marketing on the internet is another option for the savvy business owner to build clientele.  Oftentimes sites allow you to upload videos for free and you are able to make your videos with equipment you already own.  It does not take a large production studio and crew to make a viable video that gets your message across.  Take the time to do some research and plan your strategy.  Soon you will reap the rewards of video marketing.

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