Top 5 Tools for Managing Your Twitter Accounts


Are you confused and conflicted with which Twitter management tools you should be using? You’re not alone.

The internet has hundreds of tools to help manage your Twitter account(s), and it’s difficult to find the time to sift through all the duds and scams. Hopefully, this post will save you time as well as the tools below. The list not only covers the most useful Twitter tools, but also the most trafficked and recommended.


Buffer is awesome because you only have to think about Twitter once a day with this app. You can load up your “Buffer” in the morning, and progressively throughout the day Buffer will release the tweets for you (at the times you have decided on).

It’s simple to use, and all you really have to do is input your timezone and connect to your Twitter. You can manage multiple accounts on it. It also allows you to Buffer your Facebook posts.


ManageFlitter is great for a variety of reasons. It provides insights on followers, following, unfollowing, search, analytics and the best times to post.

It’s a great organizational tool because you can sort your followers and who you’re following into categories. You can browse relevant  profiles with their extensive search facility and easily manage multiple accounts. Like some of the tools below, you can weed out those accounts you’re following that hold no real value to you.


Hootsuite is a great all-around social media management tool. The app allows you to do a variety of tasks, such as schedule posts, track click-throughs, and assign tasks to various team members.

Recently, they have come out with a new social analytics tool that helps you figure out who’s mentioning you on Twitter and gives you a better idea to who’s paying attention to your tweets. This tool is called “Daily Mentions.” They have also come out with “Daily Retweets” which is available to both Pro and Enterprise Users, and lastly new “Analytics” which is an addition to the Enterprise users’ package.

Twit Cleaner

Twit Cleaner makes a very good point. Twitter is cluttered with meaningless posts, yawn-worthy content and spam bots. Sometimes it's hard to find the tweets you actually value amidst the chaos.

Twit Cleaner is different than other Twitter tools that eliminate useless followers because they categorize your following into specific sections. This app searches  through all of the twitter accounts you follow and gives you a list of potential people to unfollow.

Some of the categories are: Potentially Dodgy Behavior, Posting Identical Tweets, Uses Advertising Networks, Other Dodgy Behavior (Now Absent), etc. It gives you the option to unfollow profiles in these categories.


SocialBro is a social analytic tool that allows you to manage and understand your followers on Twitter, find influencers in specific industries, and see when your followers are online. It can be installed on your desktop or as an add-on onto Google Chrome.

Amy of 352 Media Group says, “SocialBro is the most comprehensive tool for analyzing Twitter data that I’ve found.” Frankly, I agree. It makes browsing the Twitter community incredibly easy with an assortment of filtering options.

The statistics include useful charts detailing language, time zone, custom and default avatar, users by number of followers, and so much more. Knowing when the best time to tweet is easy. SocialBro measures reach, online followers, potential exposure, replies, RT and more. The best part is, there’s a 14-day free trial so you can discover how helpful it is for free!

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