Top 3 Email Marketing Platforms to Deliver Personalized Content


"Content is king," but only if it delivers the right message to the right audience at the time their interest is piqued. In a recent study, 70% of marketers found that messaging that uses customers' personal preferences increased ROI, while 59% of shoppers reported that personalized content had a noticeable impact on their purchasing decision. In the case of email marketing, for example, having a subscriber list numbering in the thousands means little if the message being put forth isn’t piquing the interest of consumers with content specific to their interests. In a world drowning in information, it has never been more important to stand out from the crowd - that’s where savvy email marketing platforms come into play.

Below you will find examples of the three leading email marketing platforms and how they are consistently changing the game of viewer engagement and retention.

Campaign Monitor

As one of the leading marketing software powerhouses on the market today, Campaign Monitor offers stunning easy-to-use tools that allow for seamless integration with other business tools like Salesforce and Shopify. With hundreds of creative, beautiful and adaptable on-brand email templates, all of which are included in the subscription, they are taking personalization to a new level. Whether you’re a cosmetic business looking to spice up your marketing with a bold approach, or a non-profit organization hoping to gain more funding with informative call-to-action templates, this marketing platform gives you access to easy drag and drop technology to accomplish your goals.

With advanced automation tools to improve engagement, Campaign Monitor compiles customer data such as purchase history, geo-location, and demographic data to segment and target your audience. This is critical when reaching your target audience. Marketing women’s active wear to a 50-year-old male will most likely be a waste of resources, and an easy way to increase unsubscribe rates. Software that targets the most likely to buy customer will increase open rates and conversion rates.

Additionally, Campaign Monitor’s award winning customer success experts are available 24/7, making this an ideal service for marketers of all levels.


MailChimp offers quick and easy solutions for small businesses and blogs looking for a straight forward email marketing platform. With its drag and drop template creation feature, transforming bland, every day content into tantalizing media bites is quick and easy.

MailChimp’s automation and personalization capabilities are far less sophisticated than other platforms on this list making it an underperformer for marketers trying to tie customer data and messaging together. While you can integrate other business products with MailChimp the ability to use that data in concert with something like custom customer journeys in Campaign Monitor are much more difficult to accomplish.

This platform presents a unique opportunity, for those schooled in programming, to build their own email template by using bits of their own code, making it a great option for more advanced marketing and design departments.

Customer service is an area where MailChimp needs vast improvement. They don’t offer any person to person support. All support is provided through their extensive knowledge base.


MyEmma is another great platform in the world of email branding software; it offers customizable templates, drag and drop capabilities and far-reaching integration to promote email through appropriate social networks.

To really explore the value of your content, MyEmma offers A/B content testing, taking a bit of the guesswork out of trial and error message delivery. By sending out sample emails to a percentage of your audience, you can better gauge what open and response rate you will receive before inundating your viewers with content that won’t appeal to them.

Whether you’re looking to send out invitations for an event, presenting information for a school newsletter or announcing special offers to customers, MyEmma shows that it is a true market contender with the ability to promote small businesses with a limited budget.

Sending mass emails with content that isn't specific to each subscriber will no longer cut it in today's marketplace. Advancements in automation, in combination with the wealth of data available, give marketers the tools needed to personalize marketing messages better than ever before. There are many email marketing platforms to choose from. Before choosing which is right for your business, identify the platform that gives you an easy to use interface, personalization capabilities and the support you need to get up and running quickly.

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