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what is remarkable contentSo, you as a business owner, regardless of size and niche that you are in, decided to create your own website. By now, you should also know that having a blog is of utmost importance, if you want to attract strangers, convert them to visitors, generate leads and hopefully turn some of them into customers.

That's nice, but, and there is always a but, remember that you too may be a stranger to them. When they arrive on your website, they are looking for something. The first step is to ensure that your site is structured properly for UX (user experience). UX is something that you should not take for granted.

In addition to being important for SEO (search engine optimization), a poorly designed website, not mobile compatible, poor navigation structure, etc., will drive your visitors away in a flash, and that's a fact. In today's technology, sites have to be fast, compelling and preferably mobile compatible. Users have small attention spans, so you have just a few seconds to convince them to stay.

Now, looks alone is not enough, the next "big thing" is content. You need to have not good, but remarkable content. And don't forget, content is not just text. It can be in the form of a video, slide presentations, webinars, podcast, infographics, etc.

With that said, here are some tips on how to provide remarkable content.

Users Do Basically Two Things On The Internet

Yeah, this may sound a bit far fetched, and while there may be other reasons, I am convinced that it essentially boils down into two main "categories"..

  1. To find a solution for a problem - Self explanatory, right? Right, but this is where many people fail. Many may think that "pumping" as much  content as possible is all it takes. The so called "build them and they will come" is great, but coming is one thing, staying is another.

    So, do not take this lightly. If you want to earn credibility and trust from your potential visitors, give them what they are looking for, and that is a solution to their problem. Go the extra mile and write tutorials, case studies, whatever. Don't limit your content to the "what", but also give the "where" and the "how". That is essential, period. Nobody wants mediocre content anymore. That's all over the place.

  2. To get entertained - Also straight forward, right? This may not be totally applicable to you, but you can always make your content entertaining and perhaps, whenever possible, put a bit of humor into it. If you can give them the best of both worlds, problem solving and entertaining at the same time, I'd say you are definitely on the right path.

Providing content that solves their problem is the right way to go.. Do not pitch your products and services straightaway as that will only tick them off. Rather talk about things that surround it. How can your product or service be of importance to them and how it will solve their problem. Always make sure you have the right "call to action" so that they can always access your products or services on all pages.

Here's a bonus for you. Chris Brogan, one of the highest authorities online has provided a free and simple headline formulas. Use it as a guide or even a cheat sheet to give you ideas on what content to provide next. You can download the PDF here (nothing required, just click).

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What say you? Are you providing solutions to your potential audience? Do you think that this is a good strategy? Have other ideas on how to create compelling content? Let's here them!

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