Three Things You Can Do Now to Better Your Social Media Strategy


If you haven’t gone full-social with your small business yet, that’s okay. There are many entrepreneurs who only use one or two sites to promote their company or start connecting in their community. In my opinion, one is better than none.

If you’re feeling a little behind on your social media skills, this post is for you.

We’ll be considering what you can do to get started–and on the right path–so that when you have more time, you can dominate the new wave of social (which by the way, is ever-changing).

Here are three tips that can help you get social and keep your sanity at the same time.

Thrive Analytics did a survey this year where they found that 54% of SMBs already use social media for marketing. Now, in their survey “company website” was seen as the “most effective” marketing channel, followed by social media (25%) and print yellow pages (24%).  If you don’t have a website for your small business yet, I wrote a post that will help you see why you may want to jump on the website train.

Now, let’s talk about your social media path.

The first thing we have to do is find the right site(s) to use for your small business. This will help you focus all efforts on starting off right. If you’re an overachiever and have already started to do social for a few sites, hooray! And not to worry, these tips can help you too.

1. Where is Waldo? (Waldo Being Your Target Market)

Some of you may have started using sites because you realized other people were already doing this. That’s a valid trigger for going social. But, if you’re able to, think about where your audience goes for their social fix. Knowing where your competitors are is also helpful, but doing some research about your audience is ideal. This will allow you to know if the people you want as customers frequent the same places (sites) you do. If they’re already there, it’ll be much easier for them to start engaging with you and become potential customers. They will also most likely become great sources for referrals because it’s likely their family and friends use the same social networks.

-How do you find out where your audience is? Great question! I think this is where your entrepreneurial genius comes in. Networking in your community can help you see where your ideal customer is. Another great way is to survey your existing customers.

Find out more about using market research with this eBook. Feel free to share with your customers your desire to be more social and ask them where they go for their product/services and social needs! They’ll appreciate you asking because they’ll know you care about them and servicing others like them.

Facebook is a fast growing network for entrepreneurs and it’s a good idea to create a page for your small business that will give it visibility among others. It will also allow you to see what the competition is up to. Facebook is a great stalking tool (just joking… maybe).

If you have the time to start using another social platform, more power to you. I recommend Twitter because it has also seen a rise in entrepreneurial activity and it’s easy to classify your networks by using lists. If you want to find out how Infusionsoft can help you save time so you can do more on social sites, check us out.

It’s also important to consider that many of these social media platforms allow you to schedule ahead of time. This is a great way to save time, but remember to not ‘over-automate’ things. Your audience will feel like you’re a robot and may stop liking/following you. Balance is key.

2. "If You Don’t Have Anything Nice to Say…” Do it Anyway

Engaging with the people who follow you, like your page, or reach out to you via message or email is important and you must reply in a positive way. The fact that people are reaching out to you is huge! That means that you have their attention, however brief that may be. They’re giving you and your small business a chance to ‘WOW’ them. You don’t have to give them a free trial of your product (but if that’s what they need, you may consider it) what I mean is that this is your opportunity to nurture relationships that could later become lifelong customers.

Really listen to what they’re saying or expressing with their actions. You can answer a common question or you could maybe go the extra mile and find additional resources for them. Even if you’re skeptical about their interest in your small business, sometimes allowing people to see that you’re a real person who cares about solving a need can make them trust you and help you grow your list and brand on the world wide web.

3. Everyone Loves a Good Visual

Think of ways to engage differently. Things that are always the same tend to become boring and that’s the last thing we want your prospects or customers to feel. Using images to showcase a product, service or even an emotion, can take that post or tweet to the next level and increase the number of interactions that may happen.  Think of telling a story (even if it’s a short one) picturing things can always make the story more interesting so, when you think it fits, add a picture or a message to your engagements and build those connections. Have fun!

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