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In 2013, blogging may be more important than it ever has been, especially when it comes to small business marketing. Blogs are one of the best ways to help establish your brand, connect directly to your customers, and drive traffic to your website. Essentially, blogs are the first step in building an online presence for your small business, and in today’s world, that means helping your business become more successful.

When it comes to blog writing, or writing in general, every person has their own, unique style. But if you want to promote your small business online successfully, there are some important rules to follow when it comes to writing a blog.

You don’t want people to grimace when they read an article on your blog. The goal for any blog post should be to offer high quality content in the form of an easy-to-read, interesting article.

These are the kinds of posts that will help you build your small business’s online presence and help you successfully market your brand.

How to Write a Stellar Blog Article

If you want to write the perfect blog article, the first thing you need to do is come up with a powerful title. The title will be seen more than any other part of the article, and thus, it becomes very important to create a headline that encourages readers to actually read the article.

The second most important part of writing a great blog post lies in crafting the first 3 to 4 sentences well enough that your audience wants to read more. Similar to the headline, only longer, the opening of your blog article should compel your readers to read the rest of the post.

The next step is making use of good sub-headings. The primary goal with a sub-heading is to persuade readers to read the content that lies underneath it.

After persuading your readers with a powerful title, good opening, and an enticing sub-heading, it comes time to craft your content. There are two main themes to keep in mind when you’re writing content for your blog.

First, make an emotional connection. People tend to pay more attention when you trigger some type of emotion. Second, give good advice. Help people do something more easily, or explain something they don’t understand. They will likely appreciate and remember you for it.

The Key to Successful Content

The tips listed above will help you craft a high quality blog article and help drive traffic to your website. But, the buck doesn’t stop there. If you really want to write a great blog article, you’ve got to focus on coming up with unique and interesting content to feature on your blog.

The key to writing successful content is, simply, to ask questions. Lots of them.

It doesn’t matter how interesting the topic is originally, because the blog writer’s job is figuring out how to make it interesting. The best way to make a not-so-interesting topic more interesting is to ask questions.

There are a couple of reasons why questions make things more interesting. Mainly, questions clarify the purpose and direction of the undertaking so that the opportunity to benefit from learning something new arises. Instead of just filing up space, you’re presenting the chance to grow.

The other reason blog writers should focus on asking questions and seeking answers is because there will always be an audience who also has similar questions, and they will likely be looking for the same answers.

By asking questions, not only do your blog articles become easier to write and more worthwhile, they also become a chance for you to create authentic, meaningful content that will help to create an audience that has confidence in you (and your business).

How We Read Web Pages

According to an eye-tracking study done back in April 2006 by Jakob Nielsen, generally, most users read web pages and their content in an F-shaped pattern, with “two horizontal stripes followed by a vertical stripe.”

This is an important fact to keep in mind when writing a blog article. Because of the F-pattern, usually, the first thing people see on a web page is the first horizontal line, making it all the more important for that line to capture the reader’s attention.

The farther along people read down a web page, the less they read across the page, and the more vertical their scanning of the page becomes.

This is one of the biggest reasons why a blog’s headline and the opening sentences are so important.

Are there other blog writing tips that you’ve found useful? We would love to hear about them!    

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