The Importance of Selling Online

BY: ON MONDAY, MAY 09, 2011

The number of businesses looking to get involved with eCommerce jumped 27% in the first quarter of 2011 says a DoNanza report, proving that businesses are really starting to catch on when it comes to selling products online. Of the various eCommerce platforms available, 43% of businesses are looking towards the Magento platform to start selling via the web. Magento is regarded for its versatility, functionality, and relatively low cost in reaching targeted customers online.

This raises an interesting question. Why the sudden increase in eCommerce activity?

Everybody is online. Whether it’s on desktops, laptops, in the air, in a coffee shop, or on a smart phone; people are using the Internet now more than ever. Likewise, people are spending money online like never before. While simply being the best business on the block may have been enough for a company a decade ago, having an online presence has become instrumental to the modern small business’ success. If a business isn’t selling its products and services online, they are missing out on the largest customer base in existence.

Having an online store can turn your audience of dozens to hundreds, hundreds to thousands, and thousands to millions. There’s no reason for your business to get left behind because you aren’t selling online. By embracing the world of eCommerce, you can create a whole new stream of revenue for your business and embrace customers like never before.

Consider the following:

  • There are over 200 million Americans that actively use the Internet on a daily basis
  • 80% of individuals aged 32-44 buy products on the Internet

  • Those aged  45-54 spend on average $647 online every three month
  • In 2009, online retail spending during the holiday season alone exceeded $27 billion
  • By 2015, it’s projected that over 90% of people using the Internet will be online shoppers

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