7 Strategies to Boost Customer Loyalty


A crucial component of a business marketing plan is lead generation.  The generation of interest among consumers in the products or services you offer creates sales leads.   To keep your home-based business afloat and soaring to new levels of success, work to share your services and products with more customers and a greater audience.

Once you convert a new client, the deal is far from done.  That is only the beginning of the equation.  Customer retention is just as important of a marketing component as lead generation.  Turn one-time customers into buyers who bring their business back again and again. The new customer may turn into your biggest ambassador bringing in one referral after another.  Owners of home-based businesses may struggle with customer retention without the typical storefront.  However, these easy tips will help boost loyalty.

Under-Promise and Always Over Deliver

Meeting the customers’ needs is an obvious component of any good businessperson.  Take it a notch higher and deliver more.  By continuing to give more, you show customers you are trustworthy and value the business they give you.  Thank your customers by giving them something for nothing, providing products earlier than scheduled, or by adding in a bonus item.

Offer Coupons through Social Media

Set up a Facebook fan page that allows customers a place to ‘like’ your business and the products or services offered.  This page can offer specials that are good for those who like your Facebook page exclusively.  Use the page to alert customers of events you are participating in and promotions you are running.  Include photographs to help pull people in and encourage the use of your business.  Social media is a growing way to receive coupons and earn business because they are an “opt-in” offer making them relevant to people’s needs.

Treat Customers as You Would Want to be Treated

The old adage lives on.  One of the keys to a satisfied customer is to serve customers in the manner you would want to be helped if on the other end of the deal.  Practice friendly dialogue and intuitively solve issues and problems that may arise.  Value your customers and they in turn will continue to use your services and products.

Give Your Thanks

In addition to interacting with a customer when providing support, find ways to further connect and enhance your relationship.  Make the association one that is positive. Write and thank your customers for their business.  The few minutes it takes to thank your customers may be just what it takes to retain their business.

Reward Your Best Customers

Your most loyal customers will appreciate a reward of any multitude.  A gift of thanks or a special offer will go a long way.  If your budget does not allow for a significant giveaway, offer a referral credit towards a future order.  This encourages the customer to return and use the credit. Remember, the best type of marketing cannot be done from within a company; it travels by word-of-mouth from your most satisfied customers.

Educate and Inform Your Customers

Provide excellent value to your customers by informing them of exactly what they need.  This not only builds trust and loyalty, it enhances the relationship of customer and businessperson.  Develop a schedule of routine interactions to cover issues that are applicable to their needs.  Engage your customers with a content marketing strategy to provide them with practical value information that will create conversations.  Add a helpful article section to your website to answer frequently asked questions.  Company blogs also offer free advice to help your customers fully understand your products or services.  Make your website user-friendly and informative.  Customers appreciate simplicity.

Continue to Protect Customers, Even After they Make a Purchase

Customers feel more confident spending money when they feel safe and secure.  Continue to care for your customers after they buy from you.  For example, if your company is a travel agency, the deal is far from over when the airplane tickets are bought.  Send your customers a list of must-haves a week prior to departure.  Give tips and reminders about rules for carry-on items and health concerns for their future destination.  Let your customers know you are invested in their happiness and satisfaction.

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