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A good way to bond with and create a relationship is through communication. Customers are more responsive to companies they trust and have already established a relationship with them. If the customers are happy with the services, they will even be more responsive.

Get started by finding the perfect SMS solutions that will work for you and your business. There are several websites where you can research the topic of SMS software that are available and affordable. No matter the size of your business, an SMS software is a definite advantage to your business.

Keep it Short and Simple

No one likes to read a long text message, especially if it contains general information. It is best that you get straight to the point and minimize everything to around 160 characters. This is more cost effective, and you will be assured that the receiver will read the text.

Long texts can be very annoying. If you’re announcing a promotion or offer, there is no need to go into the details. You just need to state the obvious and leave the rest for emails and your website. You want the customer to be interested and to go looking for more information so that they can get the entire scoop.

Keep Your Customers Updated

Most customers want to catch sales when they are on offers and discounts. Considering the overwhelming number of things that are available online, they could miss out on posts and ads that you posted on your online pages such as Facebook or Instagram. An SMS message will reach the customer instantaneously, and they can be updated right away. Otherwise, they could bump into the posts and ads after the promotional offer is over, which is definitely a bummer.

Integrate with Other Platforms

You can’t relay all the necessary information in an SMS. Sometimes, you want to add a more definitive message along with other important details. An SMS provides a quick marketing incentive and a whole lot more information can be delivered by email. You can add a link to the text to redirect them to a newsletter page among other ways. Treat the SMS as a key and the email as a box with all the detailed information.

Conducting Surveys

You can run short surveys with an SMS by asking a single question that can be answered with either a Yes or a No response. Most people don’t enjoy participating in long surveys that are bombarding them with all sorts of questions. You could also ask them to voluntarily participate in a short survey with easy multiple choices.

To motivate them, you could let them earn coupons if they participated in the surveys. You can easily categorize the coupons depending on the number of levels they engage in. It will motivate them to fully participate even for a small price because people do love free stuff.

Segment the Audience

You need to understand your audience. They are all different but you can categorize them in terms of similar interests, offers, and even demographics. This way, you can tailor the SMS texts accordingly and them relevant to your target customers.

Consider all the benefits you will get using an excellent SMS marketing solution. Deliver all the relevant and important information to your clients and don't miss an opportunity to keep your clientele loyal to your business.

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