Six Things Not to Forget to Put in Your Press Release


Press release, news release, media release: whatever you call it, it’s still an effective part of your PR strategy. However, they’re an evolving medium. Not just intended for the media, press releases now serve a wider audience, including your customers, prospects and search engines. To make sure your releases perform their best in the online sphere, don’t forget these six things:

6) Your summary. Placed beneath the title, this one-liner expands the scope of your press release when someone reads it for the first time. If the title is the hook, the summary statement is the line that reels the reader in.

5) Your contact info. Though it seems so simple, it is actually very easy to forget. If someone is interested in your news, they will need to be able to contact you. Provide your name, number (two numbers is good in case you can’t be reached at one) and an email.

4) Links to your site. Press releases serve as information troughs – but if someone wants to know more, links to your site are crucial. If your reader has to go to Google and search for your site, you’re making them do too much work. Plus links are great for SEO (search engine optimization).

3) Multimedia. PRWeb conducted a study that concluded that press releases that include multimedia in them, such as photos and video, increase reader time on a page by an average of 30 seconds.

2) Social media. Give your press release legs instead of letting it sit on a web page. After it’s been distributed to search engines and pitched to your targeted members of the media, it’s time to socially share your work. Make sure your social accounts are listed somewhere on the release so it’s easy for a reader to share it with one click. When sharing your work, try taking sentence snippets out of your press release and tweeting them with a link to extend its life.

1) The “why?” Every press release should answer the question “why?” Why should your readers care about this? Why does this information matter? What value does this press release present to me? If your press release doesn’t address these points, you’ve missed the mark on making it effectively.

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Stacey Acevero

Stacey Acevero is the social media manager at Vocus. As an early adopter of social media, you can find her scouring Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn every day for creative marketing ideas. Stacey also writes about PR, SEO, social media and small business marketing.

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