Should I Hire An SEO Services Company To Market My Website?


With all of the upgrades that have occurred within the digital age in the past several decades, it is becoming much more difficult for businesses to expand and continue to grow successfully without establishing a strong online presence.  Billions of people around the world use search engines to collectively find millions of different things that have captured their interest each day. 

Search engine optimization (SEO) has become widely known as the key towards positioning one’s company in a prime location within the ranking of the most popular search engines.  Even though this is something that could theoretically be done by the owner of the actual website, it has been proven to be much more beneficial and effective if they make the choice to hire a company to take care of this monumental task for them instead.

Understanding the Method Behind the Madness

It is fairly easy for someone to think that effective SEO means just creating articles and blogs that use an overabundance of relevant keywords and phrases that might happen to be eventually detected by search engines. 

The underlying truth of the matter, however, is that there is a mathematical algorithm that has to be taken into consideration and properly factored into this form of marketing in order for it to be effective.  An SEO company specializes in working with these types of algorithms and taking a thorough, systematic approach to get your company the online exposure that it needs to drive traffic to your website and potentially convert into revenue.

Proper Time Management for Effective Growth of Business

Within the normal business day, there is only so much time that can be devoted to the work that needs to be done behind the scenes.  Your focus needs to be on the front-end of the business – servicing customers and clients to increase sales revenue, working with vendors and suppliers, exploring other methods of advertising, etc.  Working within the complex world of SEO for prime positioning can literally take hours and even days to complete, even longer for those who are inexperienced.  That time should be used to focus on the business itself, which is another reason why hiring an SEO company to take care of this time-consuming work behind the scenes is beneficial. 

Trusting in the Expertise of a Professional

The mindset of millions of people around the world is the belief that they should not have to hire other people to do something that they can do themselves.  This mentality expands through all types of businesses and industries, which more than likely also includes the industry in which your business is based.  To attract customers and clients to your own business, however, you will stress the importance of trusting those services and responsibilities in the hands of a professional expert instead of bearing the weight of those responsibilities on their own. 

This same exact principle needs to be applied when it comes to SEO marketing.  You should be willing to place this weighty responsibility in the hands of a professional company the same way that you ask your customers and clients to place their own duties in your hands each day.

About the Author

Jonathan Hawkins
Jonathan Hawkins is the CEO of TopoftheBurg, a SEO and web design firm in Fredericksburg, Va. TopoftheBurg offers website services ranging from custom php content management systems, e-commerce solutions to logo design. Their marketing services include search engine optimization, online reputation management and social media account management and marketing.
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