Marketers Lucrative Opportunity with the Rise of Online Gaming in 2016


Online gaming for advertising is a thing of the present – games are now a multi-platform stage for brands to get directly in front of consumers for maximum exposure. Online gaming ad growth is anticipated to increase for the next decade and beyond. Small businesses can reap the benefits and many use online games as an avenue for both branding and awareness through placement of ads or the creation of games.

In years past, the gaming world was dominated by video game consoles and titles. The last nine years has changed that with the emergence of online gaming and has altered the landscape, providing a flexible, more affordable alternative to gamers. Gamers can now indulge their passion while spending very little – one of the factors fueling the growth of online gaming in 2016.

Three strategies marketers can use to drive customer acquisition include:

Invest in the creation of a game for your business.

Marketers can elect to develop a game infused with their brand. Gaming and online gambling, such as widely popular online casino games, are avenues where marketers can hone in on the advantages of gaming for their businesses. The online gaming market has continued to grow at a substantial rate since 2007. In fact, mobile game revenues grew by 16.5 percent in 2015, making the dollars spent on purchases over $3 billion. Businesses see the plethora of benefits, from the high conversion rates, the ease and affordability of getting a game created for your business, and how social-media friendly games are.

Mobile advertising.

This is no longer a club for elite companies. Mobile advertising is growing more affordable and accessible, and is just what many small businesses need to reach the masses. Many small business owners have wet their feet into mobile advertising and opt to buy dry print and broadcast ads. Instead, smart small business owners should go the other direction and focus on mobile media, specifically via smart phones. Mobile advertisers are enticed by online and mobile gambling, too, as growth rates are predicted to increase annually by 11 percent through 2020.

Tie gaming into your social media strategy.

Good news: there is a positive relation between online gaming and social media. Games are social-media friendly, so they can be shared on social media via mobile devices. This is valuable because a high percentage of users access social media on their mobile devices. A game that can combine fun play on the go and social sharing can help spread your marketing message effectively. Plus, games result in high conversion rates because they aren’t seen as marketing, and they’re enjoyable.

The benefits of using games in your marketing strategy are something all small business owners should consider. Games have high engagement rates and so they work well to promote brands. They’re permission-based, which means they are customer-led, allowing players to choose whether or not to opt in with their contact details.

The benefits from the arrival of virtual reality hardware and cross-platform gaming will take online gameplay to an entirely new level. As customers use mobile more and more to connect with brands, marketers see themselves with a direct advantage: the chance to engage with their customers with fun content that promotes their business and product.

How have you capitalized on the rise on online gaming?

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