How Are You Monitoring Your Online Reputation?


We’re all curious about what’s being said about us online, and for good reason. A bad online review or a few damning words can harm your business’ reputation for years to come. 

I used to find myself conducting frequent online searches of my name and business on nearly every search network. I’d type my name and that of my company’s into Google, Yahoo, and Bing, and see what comes up. At the time this was the only way to see what was being said about me online. Sure, you can pay for expensive SEO companies to do this for you. But in recent years, online tools have been developed that allow us to track our online reputation and they do this for free. 

Google Alerts

Probably the most recognizable way people monitor their online reputation is through Google Alerts. These are essentially email updates of the latest relevant Google search results. They are based on query information you provide. You type in the information you want to monitor (e.g. your name and company name) and how often you want to be alerted. Then the alerts will start coming into your email in-box every time you’re mentioned online. Voila - you’re one step closer to managing your reputation.

Google Alerts can do much more than simply provide search results on a name you type into the search field. It can also help you with link tracking. Are you suddenly getting an influx of traffic to your website, but not sure where it’s coming from? Set up a Google Alert with your website URL (or any other URL) to see what other sites are referencing this link.


Another fantastic online platform that allows you to track yourself, your friends and colleagues is Newsle. Newsle does exactly what it sounds like; it tracks people in the news. The tool will find articles about various people you care about and notifies you via email in a matter of hours after publication. Unlike Google Alerts – which focuses only on Google search results – Newsle constantly combs the web analyzing more than 1 million articles every day. 

You sign up for Newsle and then import your Facebook friends and LinkedIn contacts. You can also choose to follow politicians, CEOs, celebrities, essentially anyone you’re interested in tracking.

Helpful Tip: Monitor Your Competition

Don’t limit the monitoring of online reputations to just you! Be sure to keep an eye on your competition as well. Set up a Google Alert and Newsle to follow your competitors’ names to see what’s being said about them. By being more informed about your competition, you are ultimately learning strategies and information for your company.

Google Alerts and Newsle can be extremely helpful and useful. So the days of conducting manual searches are over! Let these online platforms do the work for you. Get started today by typing in your name and business and see what’s being said. The results may surprise you.

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