Four Businesses Maximize Local Marketing

Local marketing is the life blood of small businesses, from restaurants to retail shops, because they have a limited geographical area from which to draw their customers.

Four Businesses Maximize Local Marketing

Local marketing is the life blood of small businesses, from restaurants to retail shops, because they have a limited geographical area from which to draw their customers. Unfortunately, few owners have the time and energy to devote to marketing efforts. They address this process on an ad hoc basis, announcing a sale here or an event there, but there is no cohesive effort to promote themselves within their community. Fortunately, there are many excellent resources for promoting a regional presence, and some companies that have found unique ways to maximize their local markets.

Local Awareness

You Can Be Found is a company committed to helping small to mid-sized businesses shine in their local markets. Rather than trying to connect with the world, the founder of this business realized that for many companies the local market is the key to success. As You Can Be Found President and CEO, Jeremy Skilling explained, “Many marketing support services focus on national or global reach, which means that small businesses are paying for efforts that will never support their true marketing goal – connecting with the person across town rather than the other side of the world.”

Jeremy understands that small business owners don’t have the time or expertise to take advantage of all of the local marketing resources available and he’s here to fill that void. “Because this is what we do all of the time, we can help companies use SMS, PPC, Social Media and other tools that they don’t know how to use or maybe use well. We can save them money and improve their local engagements with minimal cost and hassle.” This company’s commitment is to help small businesses thrive no matter where they are located.

Local Search Engine Optimization

Anyone with a website understands that Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is what you strive for, but few people truly understand what this means and how to achieve it. With recent changes to Google’s algorithms, this process is more confusing than ever. Loganix is a company focused on local and organic SEO rankings, which means that customers don’t pay a lot of money to reach their target audience. The process often starts with an SEO or links audit and moves on to its link building service.

“Link building sounds complicated, but it is very straightforward,” stated Loganix founder Adam Steele. “The concept is simple: When another website links to yours it boosts your SEO ranking. The more of these links you have from high quality sites, the better your SEO. This is what we provide for our clients.” For small business owners who already have a lot on their plate this process can be time consuming but Loganix makes it painless, building links that maximize your local SEO so more people can find you.

Capitalizing on Trends

At first glance Wonderstruck Events appears to be a traditional high-end wedding and event planning service, but it is so much more. This Vancouver, British Columbia based business maximizes local marketing efforts by riding trends and maximizing free business directories and other resources. “Our first goal is to provide the perfect, personalized event, whether it be a charity gala, a corporate celebration or the wedding of a lifetime,” stated Ariel Chiu, Owner and Principal Planner.

Her business also capitalizes on the latest trends – proposal planning. “Until a few years ago, proposals were a private experience, but today they might include parties, videos, destination events, and more, with many people involved and a lot of logistics to coordinate. We have expertise in this area and established a local reputation for providing unique, memorable experiences for every couple we serve.” The addition of proposal planning introduced a new market segment to Wonderstruck Events’ services. Although its geographic market did not expand, customer engagement within that local market increased exponentially.

Local Solutions

For businesses, the key to local marketing success is finding a great solution to a common problem. This is the path that TeamSnap took by developing an app for sports teams, organizations and tournaments. Everyone from the children’s lacrosse team to the subdivision’s tennis club can use the app to manage fees, set schedules, communicate cancellations, structure tournaments, and so much more.

Although this product is used in almost 200 countries, local marketing efforts bring in the business. “While we have a global client base, we connect with people on the local level and build from there,” explained Ken McDonald Chief Growth Officer. “While it can be scaled up, this app works great for the little league baseball team, the high school track meet, the cheerleading squad, and adult bowling league. It fosters communication among the participants or parents, which reduces stress and problems, so everyone is happy. Once one local sports group tries our app, we know that more will follow and soon everyone in that community is using it. Local marketing is a critical part of our marketing efforts.”

Bottom Line:

Sometimes thinking local brings big rewards. Whether you utilize new services to maximize your digital presence, take advantage of trends to grab new market segments or find big rewards in helping the smallest teams, local marketing delivers big benefits.

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