5 Simple and Affordable Business Services Marketing Products


5 Simple and Affordable Business Services Marketing Products

The American advertising landscape has become so over-saturated that we are constantly being bombarded and barraged by ads, offers and company names.  Anywhere you look: TV, magazines, websites, billboards, street corners – you are being asked to consider a product and to buy, buy, buy. The advertising attack has become so overwhelming that we have become desensitized to their pleas. In fact, studies have shown that during a two minute commercial break, where four 30 second ads are run back-to-back, we forget all of them. Not two or three, but all of them. That’s why the same commercials are run over and over again, so hopefully, eventually, they stick.

Small businesses, however, don’t have the budget to be sinking dollars into advertising campaigns with such small returns. This is why the new small business owner has to be creative about their advertising techniques. The goal is to get your business name out there and be remembered without spending a lot of money. Be creative! Like I said, the American consumer is desensitized to commercials and advertisements because we see so many. Advertise in ways that people aren’t expecting so that they see your business name and internalize it.

5 Affordable Marketing Items

The name of the game in advertising is to be remembered: to have potential customers see your business name, know the services or products you offer, and most importantly, remember you when they need something that you provide. There are different approaches you can take towards achieving these goals, in many cases signs, posters and newspaper ads can give you the exposure you need to get more customers coming in through your door. However, sometimes small things can do the trick. The following is a list of 5 easy and affordable items that you can put your business name on. They have the ability to last, inform and circulate. Hopefully this list of affordable small business advertising suggestions can help you come up with some clever and simple marketing ideas.

Pens – While pens are small, and don’t really offer a lot of room for creativity, every businessperson needs and uses one. Likewise, they are a product that unexpectedly and regularly changes hands. By simply putting your business name, slogan and phone number on a pen and handing it to your customers, you can be assured that the pen will not only remind them of what you offer, but it will make its way into other people’s hands. While many handouts are quickly thrown away, a pen is useful, thus ensuring that it will be kept and that it will last.

Brochures –
Brochures are an obvious need for any business. They are simple, straightforward and inexpensive to make. Load them up with information: business name, phone number, and a detailed list of services with explanations of what you offer and what sets you apart from the competition. You can keep them on your desk, the front desk, hand them out to customers and even mail them with business correspondence. Brochures and other marketing materials like flyers can be very informative while still being economical.

Bumper Stickers – A creative and eye-catching bumper sticker is a great marketing tool because of the amount of exposure it gets. As you make your daily and weekly commutes every person who drives behind you sees it. Someone out there on the road is surely in need of a service your business provides. Put your business name and phone number on a bumper sticker and turn your car into a moving advertisement.

Magnets – Magnets are a great option for businesses that provide a service that people need regularly. Doctors and restaurants (especially considering that most magnets are placed on the refrigerator where people go when they are hungry) will certainly benefit from the daily exposure of a magnet. Having a magnet on the refrigerator door of other small businesses will ensure that every employee sees your business name when they open the door for a drink. If you hand them out to customers and they put them on their refrigerators you can be sure they will remember your business the next time they need it.

Notepads/ Letterheads – Every letter you send or notation that you make will have you business name, address and phone number on it. If you hand out notepads to employees and customers they will increase the exposure of your business. If you need to send correspondence or take business notes – which every business does – you might as well have your business information on it; every customer or business partner who receives a letter or even a jotted down piece of information from you will also have the necessary information to keep you in mind.

Whether you live in Florida, California or New York, these affordable advertising ideas can definitely make an impact on your sales and business presence without making a big impact on your bank account. Again, the goal is to be remembered, so the more that you step outside of the box and advertise your business creatively the more successful your advertising will be. Any company that offers printing services will be able to steer you towards new, eye-catching and effective ways to get the name of your business to stick with your customers. Good advertising can truly be the key to increasing growth and success for your business.

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