How to Dominate in Your Niche Market


The corporate powerhouses Facebook, Microsoft and Google did not become the super technology firms they are today by branching out in random directions. Early on, each of these companies used a valuable marketing tool to become the best of the best. What can be a frustrating journey to success for some business owners seems to come easier to others. The niche marketing secret to dominating the competition in any industry is to focus on your specialty to become the top company. Learn what it takes to become the best in your market and rise to the top.

Focus on what you are passionate about. The most successful business people figure out what they are truly interested in, and then go after it with gusto. Consider the success of Simple Shoes, a sustainable shoe company founded in the early 1990’s with the goal of providing earth-friendly footwear for a smarter generation of consumers. Over the years, Simple Shoes has made it to the top of the shoe market by narrowing down the focus to shoes that are long-lasting with great styling that appeal to the consumer market. Being good to the earth has been their passion, and it has helped them in many ways to dominate the shoe market.

Establish yourself as the expert in your field. A key characteristics of the big successes in business are those who have leading minds at their helm. The CEO of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, knew that he wanted a company that could provide the best value in books for customers. Since the company’s meager beginnings as a small online book seller, the key to this multi-billion dollar company is that Bezos established his company as the go-to place for consumers to research and learn about the best books, music and movies on the newly emerging Internet. This is a tactic that all business owners should embrace – becoming an authority in whatever market you happen to be in.

Know your target market’s behaviors. One of the biggest mistakes that businesses make is not doing enough research before launching a new product or service to the public. Consumer behavior can make or break your business, regardless of what industry you are in. Take the time to find out as much as possible about your target market beforehand for the best results. Conduct surveys of your current clients, then develop a marketing plan that reaches your target market directly. By doing this consistently, you will find greater opportunities to become the top contender in your market.

Develop a strategic marketing plan with your brand. What makes big companies successful is that they have created a clear brand that is easily recognized worldwide. The Coca-Cola company is an outstanding example of this method. Founded in 1886 by Atlanta pharmacist Dr. John Pemberton, Coca Cola’s signature logo has become an American icon. This logo is prominently displayed on all merchandise and products, which is a smart marketing tactic any business can use to become the leader in any niche market. By combining great branding with a smart, direct marketing campaign, your business can dominate the market in very little time.

While it does take plenty of hard work, planning and a commitment to excellence, any business can identify ways in which to become a leading organization by using niche marketing techniques. Be sure to continue to find ways to beat out your competition by being consistent and using smart marketing strategies.

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Tess Taylor

Tess C. Taylor is a Web Copy Writer and Business Consultant from Charleston, South Carolina. In addition to being a 15 year veteran in Human Resources, Tess has had over 2,000 articles published on various small business, online marketing, green lifestyle, entrepreneurial and career topics around the globe.

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