Starting From Scratch: Building Your Company Identity


Before we get into the meat of the topic at hand, it’s important to know that this article is overly simplistic and will most certainly not go into as much detail as is necessary to create your company identity. To do that would require a thick textbook.

Instead, presented here is a three-step skeleton outline of how to create your company identity. The steps to take are as follows:

  1. In a nutshell, explain what your company provides that your competitors do not.

  2. Design a crafty and clever logo that upon first glance people can associate with your company.

  3. Keep your design and tone of voice the same throughout your marketing campaigns.

The selling point of your company is what people will think of when they see your logo. For example, when people see the Apple logo, they may think, “High-quality, innovative technology for an above average price with good technical support.” Find one sentence that defines your company in a unique way and make that the centerpiece of your website, marketing campaigns and everyday interactions with people. While people may at first not understand your company’s mission, if your products and know-how are well-developed, people will believe in you in no-time.

Creating your company logo may be the most difficult part of creating your identity. Crafting an eye-catching image that’s easily identified by clients and customers can be a daunting task. That’s why it’s good to focus intently on several questions before you hit the drawing board.

  • Can the uniqueness of your company be represented in a single graphic image?

  • Is your logo too vague to represent your company’s image?

  • Are you creative enough to develop the drawing or graphic design?

If you feel that creating a logo is an extremely daunting and challenging task, don’t despair, the majority of small business owners are just like you. In order to create a truly memorable logo, contracting a graphic designer should not be out of the question. Although it seems like a large investment for such a tiny icon, this logo will hopefully last you for the duration of your company.

After you’ve developed your strategy and logo, it’s time to start advertising. Although you’ve finished the difficult parts, your efforts will fall short unless you keep your identity cohesive throughout all of your marketing efforts. From your website to your address labels, everything related to your company that you present to the public must not waver from your original strategy.

While the information just presented is a mere skeleton of what growing a company image requires, it should be used as a basic guideline to lead you towards success. Above all, do not get discouraged if you do not come up with your strategy or logo overnight. But always remember, if you have a terrific product that people want, the entire process will come in time.

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