Best Wordpress Plugins For Content Marketing


Any business blog is going to be engaged in content marketing. It is their primary means of increasing visibility and monetizing their site, and with the prevalence of social media it is more important than ever to focus on creating a sustainable content marketing plan. Something that goes beyond allowing quality content to work for itself; that is only part of the process.

Since the majority of content-specific (especially text based) bloggers are using Wordpress as a platform, we will focus on those tools. Here are five must-have plugins for the WP blogger for content marketing.

  1. Make it Sharable: Slick Social Media Share Buttons

    Slick Social Media Share Buttons

    All of your content should be offered for sharing as often as possible. Make it easier for readers by offering plenty of buttons for the best social media sites on the web. Slick gives buttons for Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Digg,, Reddit, StumbledUpon, Buffer and Pinterest. It's very easy to set up and doesn't require any technical skills.

    Word of caution: Don't overdo though! Too many buttons can be distracting.

  2. Protect Real Users from Clutter: Captcha


    No one will interact if they see lots of spammy comments. Real interaction with your content requires real balance between not allowing spam and yet giving the people freedom to comment. Reduce spam using this easy plugin that requires a captcha image for all comments and forms on the site. This app works by having the reader answer a simple math equation. Comes in various different languages and can be customized.

  3. Optimize: Worpress SEO by Yoast

    Wordpress SEO by Yoast

    You should already have this plugin, but if you don't you should install it immediately. You can set SEO parameters and monitor your saturation and keyword density while you write up your post. It gives you an analysis to show you what else you should do to improve your optimization, so you never miss a thing. This is the highest rated and most beloved SEO plugin for Wordpress. This plugin is listed as one of the best WordPress plugins via WP Beginner!

    Word of caution: Don't play too much with it though. I've seen people disable Google from indexing their blogs by playing too much with this plugin!

  4. Encourage Readers to Interact: Disqus


    Join a larger community and improve visibility with Disqus, the popular commenting service and blogging social network. Just install and let it do the rest.

  5.  Spice Up: Guest Blogging Plugin

    Finding good guest authors is tough: Emailing back and forth, editing and uploading articles, setting up author profiles... - sometimes it feels like it's easier to write an article yourself! Yet, guest blogging is more than just free content: It's bringing in new voices and opening up your blog to more opportunities (check out this case study for example). This guest blogging plugin lets you search, make publishing offers and finally publish articles from your Wordpress dashboard.

    Word of caution: This plugin makes it even too easy to accept and publish guest posts; Don't forget to write your own content for your blog not to lose voice!

Do you know of any good Wordpress plugins for content marketing? Let us know in the comments.

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