5 Tips to Never Run Out of Blog Ideas


If the idea of perpetually writing content for your business blog puts the fear into you, you're not alone. I write blog posts all day, every day, and I've come up with these tips to help keep me creative and full of ideas. Hopefully they'll help you too.

Write them Down

Ideas for blogs often come to me when I'm not at my desk, or when I'm not working on a particular blog. When they do, I squirrel them away on a spreadsheet so I can revisit them later when I need them.

Get Out of the Office

When I'm suffering from "blogger's block," one of the best ways to get creative juices churning again is to get out of my element. I walk the dog, run errands, or read a book, and almost always, I'm able to come up with new ideas. Remember to keep your phone or a pen and paper handy so you can write down your ideas as they come!

Find Inspiration

I'm inspired by books, blogs, magazines, even pop culture. If you're short on ideas, go see what others are saying about your industry. Then take a few ideas and make them your own. Be sure to link to other blogs within your own to spread the blog karma love.

Get Social

No, I'm not suggesting you play Candy Crush for inspiration! But hopping on Twitter or Google+ will help you see what others are talking about in your industry. What questions are they asking? What conversations are happening? Use these for blog fodder.

Talk to Your Customers

There's no better way to find topics that appeal to your target audience than to get them straight from the horse's mouth. Whether you have an actual conversation with your clients or get feedback from your customer service department, there should be ample content ideas there for you. Also look at your website's FAQ page for ideas. Customers like how-to posts, explainer videos, and quick tips, so vary up your content to appeal to their wants.

More Blogging Tips

I've found that when I'm crunched for time, creativity just doesn't flow. So I write several posts at once and schedule them over several weeks. That way, if I get busy, I'm not rushing to get a post out the day before it goes live. I can block off a chunk of time and dedicate it to writing, then put the rest of my time to something else.

I tell my clients to write no less than one post a week. Two or three a week is better. And if you simply don't have the bandwidth or desire to do your own blogging, hire a writer (freelancer or agency) who can do an excellent job even faster than you could.

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