4 Companies Using Video to Really Connect with Customers


Videos are fast becoming the most popular choice in brand marketing. It's a quick, entertaining way to deliver content. Video grabs your customers' attention and delivers your message before they lose interest.

What's So Special About Video?

Demand Metrics found that nearly 70 percent of marketers are using videos and 82 percent of them consider their campaigns successful. Very few of the respondents said they use video to increase conversion, but the study found that video on a landing page may increase conversion by 80 percent.

These are clearly not insignificant numbers. Videos can be used in so many different ways: short or long instructional videos and humorous videos are two of the most popular approaches. You can include call-to-action techniques you would with any other type of content, too. Whether you show clients how to maintain proper plank position in a 5 second Instagram clip or you create a full video tutorial, video will benefit your clients and your business.

Unsure about how useful video can really be? Check out how these four companies are already successfully using video.


The well-known customer service company makes excellent use of video. Their online ads are short and pretty funny. Their YouTube channel boasts a library of short instructional videos that explain how to do specific things with ZenDesk. It also has lengthier webinars which dive deeper into how-tos and tips from pros. Users watch and share their ads and even their video celebrating Pride Week in San Francisco.

The ZenDesk videos engage their customers on several levels: they establish brand identity, help customers get more from their product, invite customers to learn more, and employ humor to connect.


A leader in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and inbound marketing, Moz has been using video to connect with customers for a while now. They do so exceedingly well.

Moz creates a video bundle of its annual conference, MozCon, for users to purchase. That is awesome in itself. But they also offer one full conference session for free to anyone, so you can see for yourself what kind of value the bundle offers. They give customers something great with the hope that they'll come back for more.

The Moz YouTube channel has really nice instructional videos with clear audio and crisp screen casts. Whiteboard Friday is a popular Moz video series of more than 150 videos covering current marketing trends and problems. The videos connect successfully because they're short, direct, and give Moz followers trustworthy advice for free.


This small business CRM and project management provider offers a weekly video webinar so potential customers can check out a live product demo in a more in depth way than just viewing a short clip on a website.

They also created Insightly University featuring instructional videos for users on every aspect of using Insightly. Insightly University videos start with the basics then move onto using each feature and specific integrations, such as Google Docs, Outlook, and calendars. These instructional videos ensure that every Insightly client can learn to get the most out of the product's features.


Looking outside tech companies, one company with wildly successful video marketing campaigns is Dove. They craft videos around lifestyle issues that matter to their customers, such as body image. Their Campaign for Real Beauty began in 2004 with interactive billboards than displayed immediate poll results about the model's appearance.

After the wild success of the billboards, they created video ads with related topics, such as the "Selfie" video. Several years later, they renamed the campaign “Movement for Self-Esteem.” They continued to launch related videos, such as "Evolution," "Real Beauty Sketches," and most recently, "Choose Beautiful."

All are available on the Dove YouTube channel. Their campaigns elicit visceral, emotional responses. They're relatable, empowering, and share-worthy. Dove adds another layer of interaction with hashtags that serve as a CTA for customers to participate in campaigns, such as #ChooseBeautiful.

Not Just for Big Business

You can leverage video for your small business just as well as the big guys. Instagram, Vine, Twitter, and Facebook all let you use video as a marketing tool without additional cost to you. The best part is that you don't need a professional ad. That's not what connecting with your followers is about. Entertain them, help them get more out of your brand...or ideally do both.

A short Instagram clip showing a novel way to use your product is easily digested and shared, making a connection with your followers and probably garnering some new ones. You can even integrate apps with your CRM to help manage your video campaigns on social media.

Whether you're an SMB or a mega-brand, video is already sitting at the top of content marketing. If you're not already using videos to connect with your customers, you're late to the party. Take a tip from the brands and business who do this well and start your video campaign now.

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