3 Ways to Use Your Email Marketing Campaign to Drive Sales


Email marketing has the potential to pay off in a big way when done correctly. For each $1 spent on email marketing, there is an average return of $38. If you want to make sure the time you spent composing an email, results in it getting opened, there are some best practices you should know. Take a look at these three ways you can improve your email marketing campaign and boost sales.

Know your audience.

First of all, you have to know who your audience is so you can send them relevant messages. One major mistake email marketers often make is blasting every subscriber with the exact same message.

Use list segmentation to send the right message to the right people. This is a vital part of successful email marketing and it’s simple to do too. Email marketing platforms can help ensure your email campaigns are segmented to reach the right audience.

Don’t forget to improve your rate of delivery by verifying you have the correct email addresses. Remove duplicates and reduce bounce rate to improve deliverability.

Focus on brevity.

The early email marketing days included email newsletters packed to the brim with columns of context in small text. While that’s less common now, it still happens. When you’re the recipient of this type of message, there’s a good chance you’re immediately overwhelmed by the amount of content to take in and your eyes aren’t sure where to begin.

When you send your email, remember that people prefer to read a single message, not view a spreadsheet or a table of contents. Make sure your emails are concise and straight to the point. If your audience wants to learn more, they can visit your website. It’s best to not try to jam pack too much information into an email. Readers respond best to simple messages.

Another thing to keep in mind is that email messages are often read on mobile. People are busy, often reading emails while heading from one place to another. This is why you have to keep the emails you send short and to the point if you want to boost your business. Even five or six sentences on mobile looks like a novel.

Ditch the fluff.

Cut out awkward opening lines and extra information that fails to capture the user’s attention. Instead, use your words to make the reader feel compelled to read more. Many people will fail to read past the first sentence of an email if there is no clear value in doing so.

Emails tailored to the recipient are a great start. Grab the user by speaking to his or her needs and address them by name. Generic emails don’t pay off well when email marketing. Personalized messages show you care and allow you to effectively capture your reader’s attention.

These best practices are the ones to follow when working to leverage email marketing to your advantage. Design an email that’s clean, concise and focuses on a clear message. This takes less time than writing one that’s full of fluff and will deliver better results too. When it comes to your email marketing campaign, err on the side of simplicity to drive sales.

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