3 Cost-Effective Forms of Digital Marketing


As a new business, your marketing budget is going to be a lot smaller than that of your competition. This means that in order to grow your business, when you can’t afford to invest in every possible marketing channel, you need to find the channels that will fit your budget and still be highly effective. Here are a few marketing channels that will get you the most bang for your buck.

Content Marketing

Creating your own content may cost you a bit of time and effort, but at a low or nonexistent financial cost. Creating good content will attract new customers, as well as keep your existing ones engaged. Content marketing is also fairly versatile. Post content to your company website, social media page or send it out as an email newsletter. Interesting, informative content on a regular basis will keep your brand fresh in consumers’ minds.

Content marketing is also a great way to boost your search engine rankings through SEO and to increase traffic to your site. If you publish content on other forums, consider linking to a landing page as it means users are far more likely to engage.

Pay Per Click

PPC advertising is a great option for small businesses and startups because, as the name suggests, you only pay when someone clicks on your ad. Most internet users are easily able to block out side-ads and banners as they surf the web, which is why pay per click is the better option. Some pay per click ads do use banner advertising, but most use quality content, linking to your site through keywords relevant to your business.

Not only are you only paying for results, you can also be sure that the PPC company you advertise through will get you those results. Because it’s to their benefit as well as yours, they’ll find the best forum for your advertising, where it will reach the right audience.

Social Media

Social media marketing, as with content marketing (and the two will certainly overlap), requires some time and effort. However, managing your own Facebook page or other social media account doesn’t require any capital. It’s a great way to self-promote and connect with your customers. People set a lot of store by public opinion, so do all you can get a positive opinion out there early.

Keep your focus on just a few sites to begin with and focus more on quality than quantity. To build a following, encourage people to share and follow your page - competitions are a great way to do this. Use social media to engage with customers and keep them up to date with regular posts, promos etcetera.

As your business grows you’ll be able to explore other marketing avenues to see what works for you, but in the early days, stick with what definitely works, and fits your budget. Keep your customers engaged with good content, make sure the advertising you pay for yields results, and use social media to self-promote and spread brand awareness.

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