LogMeIn Central & Rescue Alternatives: 5 Best Remote Access Software for SMBs

LogMeIn is well known for its remote access software which core functionality focuses on giving access to remote computers. We have reviewed several LogMeIn alternatives, some of which match their entire feature sets.

LogMeIn Central & Rescue Alternatives: 5 Best Remote Access Software for SMBs

LogMeIn is well known for its remote access software which core functionality focuses on giving access to remote computers. Its cloud-based connectivity services are divided in three main product offering designed for collaboration, IT management as well as customer engagement.

In the IT management space, TeamViewer, LogMeIn Rescue, and LogMeIn Central have become very popular remote IT support tools in recent years. But, as they grew in popularity, they have also become a lot more expensive.

As a result, a new challenge for small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) is finding a remote access software that can do the job while being reasonably priced. SMBs need the right features for the right price.

Adding to the challenge of finding the right software, data security has become an increasing important factor. The top 3 remote access software, TeamViewer, LogMeIn Central, and LogMeIn Rescue have encountered some issues in the past with regards to hacking.

Since remote access software provides privileged access to your systems within and outside your network, it is vital to find a solution that doesn’t expose them to a vector attack.

If you are in the market for a tool to replace LogMeIn or even TeamViewer and you are on a limited budget you might want to consider the following alternatives.

5 Remote Access Software Options for Small to Medium Sized Businesses

We have reviewed several LogMeIn Rescue and Central alternatives, some of which match their entire feature sets, some others are more limited in functionalities. But, they all present the advantage of being a more affordable option.

1.Goverlan Reach Remote Access Software

Goverlan Reach is the most encompassing tool on the list. Much like LogMeIn, Goverlan bundles its features in three different editions: Standard, Professional, and Enterprise. Goverlan matches or exceeds many LogMeIn Central features, providing a great alternative. For example, the standard edition offers ad-hoc support (On-Demand Access), computer search by endpoint or username, multi-monitor display, as well as the ability to invite other console operators to join a user session. In the professional edition, you will find a complete set of background access tools. Software deployment, patch management, computer audit and inventory, and endpoint monitoring tools are available in the Enterprise.

When comparing the subscriptions at a granular level, there are some minor differences to take into consideration. For instance, Goverlan’s Standard edition offers a lot more advanced remote control features than LMI Central Basic does. That includes useful tools such as remote file sharing, audio chat, and video capture. However, Goverlan hasn’t released its mobile app yet. It is worth noting that Goverlan has a couple of unique features that may help you further streamline remote support and systems management. For example, LogMeIn doesn’t provide the ability to detect the workstation the end-user is logged-in in real-time, nor does it offer a complete Active Directory Management toolset. Furthermore, you will find that Goverlan’s IT Process Automation module is also more advanced. This could be of great value to a smaller size IT organization.

If you’re looking for an alternative to Rescue Remote Support, you will find all the features you need in the professional edition. To replace Rescue Mobile Support, you might want to consider bundling the Goverlan Reach Professional edition with Goverlan MDM, their Mobile Device Management solution.

Goverlan Reach’s pricing is on per tech basis with no hassle fees for nodes or sessions. It includes an unlimited number of internal and external endpoints as well as simultaneous connections. As a result, its pricing is even more competitive than that of LogMeIn.

Check the detailed side by side comparison of LogMeIn vs Goverlan to learn more about their product differences.

2. Bomgar

Bomgaris a remote support solution that allows an IT team to connect to its end-users’ systems or devices through firewalls. Just like Goverlan, Bomgar’s remote access console covers both desktop and endpoint management. It is an alternative to consider when you really need an enterprise level platform with all the bells and whistles.

With regards to pricing, Bomgar comes only in two editions: cloud-based and on-premises. Their on-premises solution requires dedicated hardware and some configuration steps. However, It is a great tool for managing a complex infrastructure with multiple types of Operating Systems such as Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and IOS.

On the downside, Bomgar doesn’t support multi-session viewing, software deployment or printer management. And, while Bomgar does offer very strong connections that don't drop, users have experienced lag.

3. VNC Connect (REAL VNC)

VNC Connect is a low-cost remote access software. VNC Connect can be used to access devices that are not on the corporate network and It is often used for very small businesses or personal use.

To use the software both parties need to download the VNC Viewer, which may prevent some difficulties for non-tech end users. It is also pretty bare-bones and doesn't allow for mass system changes.

4. Windows or Apple Remote Desktop Connection

If you have Windows 10 or Apple computers, then you have remote desktop connection software designed for your operating system. With Windows, it is included in your operating system for no extra cost while the Apple system currently has an extra charge.

This very basic remote solution offers very few upgrades or services and can only do basic access.

5. RemoteUtilities

RemoteUtilitiesis another good low-cost solution. The remote software works on Windows, iOS, and Android and connects workstations over a LAN and via the internet. Your team can connect up to 10 remote PCs at zero cost.

The program allows your team to record a session which may be helpful to review later. However, this is best used with a fast internet connection.

Remote Access Software

Remote access software is an important part of modern remote support. The time when IT technicians had to come to your desk or walk you through how to solve an issue by phone is long gone. Having a proper tool for a small IT organization to do its job is critical to its success in an era where the IT infrastructure is growing in complexity due to the proliferation of devices and systems. Finding the right solution at the right price can set your IT team up for success.

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