5 Features of Live Chat that will Revolutionize Your Online Sales


How Live Chat Turns Your Website into a Personal Sales Experience

The internet has had a massive impact on how many companies sell their products. Instead of having to drive to your business during office hours, the internet (and your company website) allows customers to peruse your products from the comfort of their home or office 24 hours a day. Not only does a website expand the hours you are making sales, it also expands your market. Realistically, with a brick-and-mortar store your customers will come from within a 5 or 10 mile radius. With a website anyone in the country, from Florida to California, or even Hawaii, could be a customer.  Obviously a company website, if you don’t already have one, can have a dramatic impact on your sales.

The downside to websites when compared to being in the store is that you and your sales team aren’t there to make a sales pitch or answer questions. However, Live Chat can change this. With Live Chat software on your website you can see when customers are viewing your site and engage them in an online chat session, thus allowing you to add that personal and human touch to an otherwise static sales experience. With Live Chat it’s like you’re there sitting next to them on the computer answering questions about your company and leading them through your site.

5 Features You Should Know

1.   Connect and Communicate with Every Customer – As I said above, Live Chat allows you to see when someone is viewing your website and chat with them live. Studies have shown that online shoppers who engage in a live chat are 4 times more likely to buy. You’re engaging casual browsers who are comparing sites and services, giving them personalized attention and selling them on your company and your product. You’re taking the impersonal experience of a website and adding the human element, and it has been proven to have profound effects on the customer.

2.   Monitor Multiple Pages – If you have multiple companies, multiple websites, or simply multiple pages and sections on your one site, you can manage them all from one point. There’s no clicking back and forth, no hassle and no confusion. The entire process is streamlined onto one page, telling you how many customers are on your sites, who they are, and what page they’re viewing. You can also set up a different host for different pages. Have someone on your sales team manage the sales page, while your customer service reps handle the customers viewing their page.

3.   Arm Yourself with Information – Some Live Chat web hosting providers have taken their product a step further. Not only do they tell you who is on your site, but they provide incredibly useful information like where they’re from, their IP address, what products they have selected, what competitors site’s they’ve viewed, and even how long they have spent on specific pages of your site. Instead of entering the chat with no information about the customer, and having a general, impersonal conversation, you can come prepared.

4.   Provide Hands-on Customer Support – Live Chat makes customer support incredibly easy, instead of dealing with angry or impatient phone calls you have the simplicity of an online chat. This allows you to deal with several customers at once. A revolutionary step in customer service is screen sharing, which allows you to see your customers’ desktop and view exactly what they’re seeing. If they’re having trouble placing an order or finding information on your site, screen sharing makes it easy to walk them through the trouble.

5.   See Who’s On Your Site While You’re Not – Even if you have multiple people monitoring your website everyone has to sleep at some point and your website will be unmanned. If you happen to have some night owl customers you will still be able to see their information the next time you log in. You can even add a button on your page to show people on your site whether you are available to chat or not. If a customer has a question while you’re not online they can quickly and easily leave you a message that will be waiting for you next time you sign on.

There are several online chat and web hosting providers on the market, and they don’t all offer the same features or charge the same price. Some will provide their service through a download, others will host it over their servers online. Before signing up, compare services and prices and find the one that’s right for you and your company. The internet is an incredible resource that brings people who are miles away together, websites are now only the beginning, by adding online chat to your website you will be able to add that personal touch to turn casual browsers into customers.

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