How The Online World Can Transform Your Small Business

BY: ON FRIDAY, JUNE 22, 2018

The online presence should not be taken for granted. Especially by the business community where it can be the core source of their income. Enterprises and large companies are established and have proven their place on the market. Regardless of their success, they are still investing tons of money in their online presence even though their core revenue source is elsewhere. Brick and mortar companies are already forgotten in the history. This model died with the commercialization of the internet. Nowadays, every company is click and mortar, or they have a physical store and online store at the same time. Fortunately, small businesses owners are also aware of the opportunities the online world offers. Entrepreneurs nowadays can base their entire business model on monetization tools available on the World Wide Web.

However, with the development of the technology new monetization tools are constantly emerging on the market. For instance, tools that were relevant one year ago might not be that effective on the market today. We have compiled a list of three innovative monetization techniques you should apply to your small business today.

1. Use Social Media Predefined Lead Generation Forms

Almost every new marketing technique gets overused by marketers. Overused marketing techniques tend to lose the power among the consumers. This is exactly what happened with the standard lead generation method. People usually build a landing page and offer a lead magnet in exchange for personal data.

Offering a value for an email used to be extremely effective in the past for generating leads. Unfortunately, we can no longer say that. People are familiar with the process and refuse to leave their personal data for a simple guide. With the GDPR changes, things got even trickier. However, there is still hope for the lead generation process.

Predefined social media lead generation forms has saved the day. On Facebook and LinkedIn, there is a possibility to activate a paid ad with a predefined lead generation form that gives the opportunity to the viewer to autofill the form and download the lead magnet directly on the social media channel. Predefined lead generation forms are cost-effective and show results immediately. LinkedIn has a higher cost per lead than Facebook but compared to the cost for the standard procedure, the social media lead generation forms are still the cheaper and better solution.

2. Write SEO Optimized Blogs

It is a well-known fact that content is king. This is the absolute truth. If you have quality content to offer to your target audience, then you would have a quality traffic on your website. First, you need to have a content strategy and a goal. You should always know what you want to achieve with your online presence. Blogs that offer practical solutions to the problems that your target audience is facing are the best. People prefer easy and valuable solutions for everything. You have to be expert in your industry to offer the required quality.

The blogs have to be SEO optimized in order to get the right exposure. Hire SEO experts and make sure your website is completely SEO optimized. With hard work and patience, you will see how monetization tools like SEO work in practice.

Quality content is the answer to your question about how to monetize traffic.

3. Direct Sales With Online Shop

We have been witnessing a grandiose e-commerce revolution over the past 10 years. Every business nowadays seems to have an online store for their products or even services. Consumers got comfortable with online shops, online payment, and shopping carts. If in the beginning they were skeptical and preferred the traditional brick and mortar way, nowadays online shopping is the only effective way to shop on the market. In order to make full network monetization, you need to open an online e-commerce store for your products and services. An online store will maximize the sales and will give you a better overview of how consumers are behaving in the buying process. Integration with social media and tracking codes will give you insights that you can use for resolving bottlenecks and improve the overall health of the buying process of your company.

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