Good At What You Do? Then You Can Do SEO…


Everything is on the Internet now. From buying your next pair of shoes to finding out what the weather will be, it has nearly every answer you’re looking for. So then you ask, “Well, how do I get my business found on the Internet?” That answer…is not as easy to find.

Within the whirlwind of links, quality content and social media factors that search engines look at sits SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – the vague, complex answer to your dilemma. The good news is if you’re good at what you do, you can do basic SEO.

The first step of performing SEO is to get your name out in the public sphere as an expert on a specific topic. One of the best ways to create links that point back to your website is to reach out to people as a valuable resource for their website. Write a terrific piece on your livelihood containing a nice link to your own website. It’s that simple. Human recognition and search engine recognition in one article.

But how do you meet the people that own these websites? The most effective way has always been face-to-face interaction. Look online for networking events in your area and go to them, armed with custom business cards. On your cards, include a title of what you do now, along with the skills you have in your arsenal. When you converse with someone and hand them your card, let them know you’d love to write an article or two for their website. Similar to knowledgeable people, the sites you want your links on are those that are the trusted and popular ones.

If you can’t get out to these types of events, reaching out to people via email is your next best option. Before you do, get to know them a little bit. Comment on some of their articles or blog posts, re-tweet something that they say, and just get to know their website a little bit.

When you craft your email, mention what you can do for them. Showing them the knowledge you can present to their readers will make them more inclined to give you the link you’re looking for. Moreover, it never hurts to give the webmaster a few ideas of articles you could potentially write for them.

While writing fabulous articles and guest blogs for other sites, don’t forget about your own site! It’s this type of content you want on your website as well. While getting links to your site is a very necessary thing to do, creating content on your own site is just as important. At the end of the day, it’s your site’s content that’s going to help you swim through the sea of other competitors on the Internet.

While links are not the only thing that will keep your SEO boat afloat, it certainly will keep you from sinking into the web’s doldrums. So get out there, meet some people, and write about the easiest thing out there – what you’re good at!

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