How to Get Live Chat Software on Your Website


How to get Live Chat Software on Your Website

As a business owner or manager you have to ask yourself, “What sets us apart from the competition?” Why would customers rather go to you than the other guys? One great way to grab a hold of the fence sitters, the potential customers, is through live chat. Communication is absolutely paramount in the ever-changing business landscape, not only inner-office communication between you and your employees, but communicating what you offer to your customers and potential customers.

Use Live Chat to Add a Personal Touch to Your Website

Your business website is a great tool and a great start: it tells customers what you offer, what you’re all about, and gives them a feel for what they can expect from you and the services you provide. The fatal flaw of a website, however, is that it’s impersonal – it can’t answer questions or sway opinions. With a live chat you can engage viewers on your site in a live Q&A session, thus grabbing those casual customers who are browsing competing sites and seal the deal. You can connect live and in person with potential customers from Florida to New York or across the country in California. It puts the personal touch on your website; you seem more interested, more committed and the customer feels the human connection instead of the impersonal feel of a website.

Studies show that 75% of viewers on business sites are new viewers, and that engaged chatters are 4 times more likely to become customers than visitors who don’t participate in a website chat session.  These are crucial customers who need the slightest push in your direction, and with a live chat session you can answer their questions and bring them to your door. Depending on the nature of your business, web chats can also be used for interactive customer support.

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There are many companies who offer live chat software, and the best option completely depends on your budget and needs. Some offer an online chat software download, while others host their chat software online through their servers. The latter is a great option because it gives you the security of their support. With this option, the company will also monitor your site for you. Something can always go wrong with a program, file or computer in your system, but a company whose business is providing live chat will make sure to keep their software running smoothly and up-to-date. Downloads will run like any other program on your computer, while software hosted over the internet will provide you with an easy instillation and a button that will appear in your web browser – it is truly that simple.

If you run Macintosh computers make sure the software is compatible. As I’m sure you’ve realized, not all programs run on Macs, and paying for a product to later find out it doesn’t work on your computer system is both time consuming and frustrating.

Recently, a few web chat providers have developed live chat applications for smart phones. This can be an incredibly useful tool for you and the growth of your business as you don’t have to be in front of a computer to see and chat with the potential customers visiting your site. With a smart phone application you can truly never miss a live lead again.  Being able to offer your customers a personal connection is a valuable resource that cannot be understated, with live chat you can provide them with personalized answers to their questions with an ease that you never thought was possible.

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