4 Ideas for How to Grow Your Web Design Business Fast


A one-person business might be a good option at the beginning, but as Steve Jobs said: ‘great things in business are never done by one person.Entrepreneur also supports this idea by crushing the myth of a successful one-person business. The simple truth is that if you want to make money and have a life to enjoy it, you need to have a team working under your supervision. It might be very hard to transition to this if you start as an independent freelance designer. However, there are several ways you can grow your web design business and hire staff fast.

1. Use a PEO

Use a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) to hire employees for your small business and avoid huge taxes. This will also help you build a better team as a PEO can offer benefits, which can help you hire more experienced professionals.

But bear in mind that there are hundreds of these organizations and each has a unique set of terms. Chamber of Commerce offers some valuable advice on how to pick the best PEO service for your business.

2. Augment your business with supplementary income

To grow your business fast, you need more cash, so you should be looking for ways to make more money with little effort. You should choose additional income sources that will be somewhat related to your main business.

For example, your newly established web design agency can include reseller hosting into their service package. This will allow you to not only get regular income from the customers’ monthly payments but also get more customers. You’ll be able to advertise that they don’t have to waste time on dealing with hosting providers as your development agency will take care of everything. Web Hosting Media states that reseller hosting packages start at $20 per month, so you’ll be able to afford them easily.

3. Use global online platforms

Create an account for your agency on all online platforms that offer freelance web design services. This will allow you to expand your reach to a new group of prospective customers.

If you’ve established a reputation for yourself there before, you can use this now to drive more customers to your new agency. It’s the same for every member of your team, so be sure to leverage their personal networks as well.

4. Partner up

Set up partnerships with other businesses that offer services complementary to yours. For example team up with an online marketing agency so you can create not only beautiful but also SEO optimized websites.

You and your partner business should set up a deal that will allow you to offer each other’s services to prospective customers but still retain your own clientele. This means you will still be able to make web design a priority. But you will also be able to attract customers who are looking for design and marketing.

Explain to your customers that getting a double-deal will cost less than hiring a third-party marketing agency. A side business with reseller hosting will boost this kind of service package and help you grow a web design business fast.

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