3 Ways to Be Mobile-Friendly without an App

It seems that there really is an app for everything. But with tight budgets, small business can't afford to have their own apps. Luckily, small businesses can can still take advantage of the mobile craze. Here's how.

3 Ways to Be Mobile-Friendly without an App

It seems that there really is an app for everything. From tracking your daily steps to depositing checks, the modern-day conveniences stored inside our mobile devices are endless. For small businesses, though, the seemingly insistent chatter surrounding the “need” to develop mobile apps can be overwhelming. With tight budgets as it is, where is the average small business owner supposed to come up with the cash to develop, launch, and promote its own mobile application? The good news is that small businesses can still take advantage of the mobile craze without going all in on a specific mobile app. Here’s how:

Creating video content. The stats for digital video watched on mobile devices are staggering. More than 20 percent of all online video viewing took place on mobile devices in 2013. That works out to nearly 13 hours per month on average for mobile device users, and that number is expected to rise to 21 hours by 2016. Make videos part of your regular website and your social media strategies. It’s great to share videos from others too but try to make a few originals of your own so your small business can shine.

Optimizing a regular website for mobile. This is a BIG one – especially if your site has e-commerce capabilities. You want to be sure that consumers will not get frustrated by the small fonts and wonky-looking columns of your site when it translates to mobile. The trick is to keep mobile device users on your page – and it is not a race to see how quickly they will click away from your non-friendly mobile site. Talk to your website designers or look up any number of articles devoted to ways to optimize your website for mobile. Take the time to go the extra mile here. It makes a difference!

Asking for text messaging opt-in signups. Text messaging options are perhaps the smartest way to utilize mobile phone trends because even non-smartphones have this feature. Give your customers incentive to give you permission to send them text messages on occasion. Consider a one-time discount code or a free item for opting in. Just remember to use text messaging notifications sparingly. Reserve them for special sales or announcements so customers take notice when they receive them.

The bottom line: You don’t need a mobile app, per se, to be mobile-friendly. Utilize the Web resources you’ve already perfected for your small business in a mobile-centric way, and you will attract a wider mobile audience.

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