Review: Goverlan Reach Remote Access Software for SMBs


When it comes to IT management and Remote Support, small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) face unique challenges that can put them at a disadvantage when trying to compete against larger size companies. With much smaller budgets and IT staffs, they can’t afford to implement a full-size IT support desk to help their employees with all their IT needs. It often leads to making choices that result in having employees troubleshoot their own computer or having to compromise on security for the sake of productivity.

Luckily, remote access software can help solve some of this dilemma. They provide an efficient way for a small IT team to support the employees’ computer and gain control of what is going on across the IT infrastructure.

Goverlan Reach Remote Access Software is one such system specially designed to provide remote IT support seamlessly even in an infrastructure comprised of a hodgepodge of PCs, Macs, servers, mobile devices, and operating systems. It also works very well for an environment where employees are spread-out across offices or work remotely.

Goverlan Reach Remote Access Software Features

Here are just some of the benefits of Goverlan Reach software:

1. Behind-the-scenes Support with Background Systems Management Tools and Real-time Engine

One of the key features of Goverlan is the ability to access a machine in the background and quickly remediate an issue without interrupting the end-user. Using this method, an IT technician or a sysadmin (the console operator) can swiftly solve the great majority of IT service desk tickets such as resetting a password, unlocking an account, installing a driver or device, adding a printer, troubleshooting a slow computer, deploying a patch, installing or repairing a software. Moreover, since the engine, which powers the background management tools, acts in real-time, any changes made to a remote machine takes effect immediately.

Another popular feature is fastConnect, a quick search tool that queries all endpoints in the IT infrastructure and instantly detects which workstation a user is logged-in. It makes getting access to an endpoint much simpler as techs don’t need to know the computer name or the IP address of a machine beforehand.

Both of those features help save time and resources. They also contribute to making the IT support experience much more seamless. This is all the more relevant that data shows employees lose on average 30 minutes per week troubleshooting their computer at work.

2. Enterprise-Level Remote Control

Goverlan’s Remote Control is designed to allow console operators (technicians) to securely gain access to a wide array of devices including MAC OS and Linux. It is perfectly suited for unattended access management, privilege access of external machines, and session shadowing. The Remote Control features a series of remedial and collaborative tools.
The Multi-Machine Screen Monitor allows a technician to view multiple systems at once and detect issues, including undesired activities. The same tools that are readily available for Background IT Management are also available during a remote control session. This includes the Remote Task Manager, Remote CMD prompt, File Manager, Power & User Control Manager, and a service to push maintenance notifications to users.

With regards to collaboration, a console operator (IT technician) can share screenshots, capture videos and invite other technicians to join a session. This is great for solving complex technical issues that can’t be fixed in the background.

3. IT Process Automation:

Goverlan’s IT Process Automation (ITPA) module is great for global configuration management, monitoring what is going on across the infrastructure and reinforcing endpoint compliance. Looking at it from the perspective of a SMB, what it does is enable a small team of IT professionals to protect their company’s IT infrastructure, by keeping it clean, free of human errors and up-to-date. As a result, it reduces the risks of security incidents.

How does it work? IT Process Automation allows a sysadmin to build workflows programmatically to automate IT processes and dispatch their execution on multiple computers at once. For instance, it can be used for the automatic reset of expired passowrd at scheduled times. Or, in case of an imminet threat of ransomware, a console operator can immediately dispatch the proper operating software updates. ITPA can be also be used to automate new employee provisioning.

Another application is the detection of a misconfiguration, a missing patch, a suspicious or prohibited activity such as the installation of a blacklisted application. Basically, anything that involves a change of configuration or state can be used to build a “scan, detect, remediate” workflow.

Finally, ITPA is great for security audits. You can create reports to analyze who has privileged access, who is accessing folders with sensitive data, inactive users or accounts, recently modified computers or users and much more. Those type of reports will help your organization assess whether it is giving away too much admin rights or access to its users, as well as whether or not it’s doing a good job at keeping its infrastructure clean and secure.

4. Other Useful Features

If you administer unattended machines, Goverlan’s Curtain Mode will prevent someone physically present at a host machine from seeing what a remote control operator is doing while a session is in progress. This feature is particularly useful for the maintenance of public-facing digital displays. It can also be implemented to protect the view of restricted information.

On-Demand Assistance is useful for providing support to remote users that aren’t connected to your network but to the public Internet.

Pricing and Availability

Goverlan Reach is available in three different editions: Pro, Standard, and Enterprise. It is an on-premises software-based application which doesn’t require any dedicated hardware or pre-configuration on your infrastructure. When it comes to pricing, Goverlan Reach is licensed on a per tech basis starting at $29 per month and comes with unlimited endpoints. It is well-priced in comparison to its competitors, and cost on average 20% to 40% less than the top players. You can also take advantage of a free 30 day trial.


  • • All-in-One tool for all your remote IT management and support needs
  • • Instant connection to both attended and unattended machines
  • • Citrix and Microsoft LAPS compatible
  • • A simple user interface which is easy to navigate
  • • Can be rebranded to your preferences
  • • No specialized hardware needed
  • • Active Directory Management tools not available in other software
  • • IT Process Automation with no scripting required
  • • Pricing includes Unlimited Internal and external endpoints


  • • The cloud-based version of Goverlan Reach won’t be available before the second half of 2019
  • • Need more integration with ticketing systems
  • • Background IT management features primarily cater to Windows devices

Goverlan Reach: Powerful and Easy to Use Remote IT Tools for SMBs

If you’re looking for a better way to manage your IT infrastructure or support your internal and external users, Goverlan Reach is just the tool for you. This is a company which products are worth evaluating if you’re in IT. It enjoys high ratings from its users for ease of use, quality of support and overall customer satisfaction.

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