Eric Goldman

Eric Goldman

Eric Goldman is the President and Founder of Gossamar, a business designed to help people grow their businesses profitably and with predictable, planned success.  He has been involved in B2B Marketing and Selling for more than 30 years and his business acumen covers 5 continents, spans many countries and has been derived in a variety of markets and industries.

Eric is a serial entrepreneur. He has launched 5 start-ups and grown them to outcomes ranging from still being in business 30 years later, to going public on the Toronto Stock Exchange, or to being acquired by a larger US competitor.

Eric took an extended sabbatical beginning in 1998, to attempt a solo-circumnavigation in a 47-foot sailing catamaran. About a third of the way round, en-route to Bernuda from New York, he was hit by Hurricane Olga. He survived, sold what was left of the boat and returned to land, family and work.

His public speaking engagements concern Inbound Marketing and Sales and Marketing Automation.

Eric has written two books: The Deft Way to Run a Software Project (1988), and a novel entitled Napoleon's Gambit: Sailing through history to commit the perfect crime, (October 2008).

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