Is the Cost of a Website Redesign Worth it?

Is the Cost of a Website Redesign Worth It?

Friday May, 20 in Business by Adrienne Erin

Lots of different factors come into play when estimating the cost of a redesign. When you're deciding whether a redesign is really worth it, take these considerations in mind.

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Make it Easier For Customers To Pay You with Modern Payment Options

Make it Easier for Customers to Pay You with Modern Payment Options

Wednesday May, 11 in Business by Sherry Gray

Tried-and-true payment methods don't always work in a global marketplace. New payment methods make it easy to pay and be paid from anywhere.

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Promoting Your Business at a Local Level

Promoting Your Business At A Local Level

Friday May, 06 in Business by Veselina Dzhingarova

There are many ways of promoting your business but don't forget also to interact with others. Using all available sources from trade shows to online world can boos your business to the highest levels.

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7 Benefits of Transitioning To a Mobile POS System

7 Benefits of Transitioning to a Mobile POS System

Monday May, 02 in Business by Lucinda Watrous

Retailers and restaurants rely on POS systems to keep their business running smoothly. Mobile solutions offer a number of benefits.

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Make Your Message a Yes

Make Your Message a YES

Friday April, 29 in Business by David Leonhardt

Entrepreneurs instinctively know the power of "Yes". Yet, once they get going, that "Yes" can get bogged down. Here are twelve ways to inject positivity into your communications with customers, employees and suppliers.

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