Why Your Small Business Needs Online Video Content – Right Now


If you’ve ever wondered whether your small business could benefit from video content, you should stop putting off the inevitable. Study after study finds that consumers are more engaged with, and more likely to buy products from, companies with online video content than their competitors. While you may feel more comfortable with other social media routes, expanding to video content is a smart move.

Most recently, Shareaholic conducted a study that found that of all the social media networks, YouTube has the highest level of user engagement. On average, YouTube visitors spent almost 4 minutes per visit on the site, and visited nearly 3 pages. When social referrals were taken into account, YouTube had a bounce rate of just 43.19 percent (the lowest of all social networks in this category). Sites like Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook weren’t too far behind but it does beg this question: are small businesses utilizing YouTube, and other video content avenues, to their full potentials?

Why Video Works

So why DOES video have such an impact on social media users? The answer lies in basic human nature. People are visual learners and tend to be stimulated by visual elements over static ones, like text alone or even flat photographs. The brain responds more positively to visual information – processing it 60,000 times faster than basic text. There are also some less-scientific reasons a user might spend more time on YouTube than a site based on non-video content. It’s much simpler to skim a text-based article, even a slideshow, for the information you want to glean from it and skip over the rest. That is more difficult with a video. To gather all of the insights, a person has to spend a little more time sitting through the content. Still, a viewer who is disinterested in what he or she is seeing can easily leave the video and look for something else. So video content has the potential to engage viewers on a deeper level but only if it is interesting enough to capture their attention.

How to Make Video Work for You

If you have never produced any video content for your small business, rest assured that it is not as difficult a task as you may think. Here are some simple ways to incorporate video content in your marketing:

  • Create a Vine video. This six-second video creation application is the brainchild of Twitter and has over 13 million users worldwide. Your time is limited but that just ups the creativity of what you create. A small business could feature several shots of a new product, or an employee, or a very brief how-to video in order to draw in fans and viewers.

  • Record yourself. Get set up in your office space with a webcam and record a two to three minute segment for your customers. You can touch on news issues in your industry, introduce yourself, or even demonstrate a product. Associating your face with your brand name humanizes what you do for a living and will bring in more loyal follower.

  • Create a how-to series. Start a YouTube channel dedicated to what your company does best. If you specialize in home remodeling, then a series of “do it yourself” videos would resonate with your audience. If you groom pets, a series on basic pet care how-tos would appeal to those who are likely to use your services. Provide quality video content with no expectation of a direct sale, and your bottom line will increase long-term.

How has your small business used videos to its advantage?

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