Why You Should Care About The Recruiting Funnel


One of the biggest buzzwords used by hiring committees is the reputable “Recruiting Funnel.” This step-by-step method for filtering the best prospects and leads has been successfully used by sales and marketing professionals for years, and when applied to the hiring process, helps deliver the most qualified candidates. 

With unemployment rates soaring, finding a huge pool of applicants for a job is rarely a problem, but attracting the right candidates starts long before the application process. Smart brands always think beyond the job board, seeking prospects from referrals and social networks, some who are not even actively in the market for a new job. 

By targeting essential skill sets, recruiters can create a centralized database for open positions and future opportunities that may arise. They can then design targeted campaigns to nurture and engage their potential candidates. The infographic below, by Jobvite, acts as a guide for recruiters on how to utilize the funnel to drive results for their company.


About the Author

Kelsey Cox

Kelsey Cox is a Director of Communications at Column Five Media, a creative agency that specializes in infographics, data visualization, and visual campaigns in Newport Beach, Calif.

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