Why Customer Service Is More Important Than Pricing


As a business owner, you are in search of the best strategies that will drive your company forward, and you may be thinking that the first step that you need to take to make your business a success is pricing your products low. The truth, however, is that pricing isn’t all that important after all. While it can certainly attract customers, it won’t retain them. Continue reading to learn about what really matters if you want to achieve long-term business success.

It’s All About Customer Service and Product Knowledge

When it comes to keeping your customers happy and coming back for more, you need to be able to provide them with stellar customer service. If you can make it possible to provide your customers with support 24/7 by outsourcing your customer service work to individuals who can operate from remote and work throughout the night, even better. Otherwise, make sure that you have staff available to address questions and concerns during business hours. But providing customer service isn’t enough; your representatives also have to really know about the products and services that your brand offers. Even Chris Clifton, who is the CEO of CoinAdvisor.com, makes it a point to train every one of his customer service representatives so that they’re fully aware of all aspects and details involved with coin collecting.

Why Your Reps Need to Know Your Products

Product knowledge is super important for any business’s customer service team because, without it, they won’t be able to fully understand the questions and concerns that your customers have for them regarding those exact products. Therefore, fully training your staff not only on how to take calls and keep customers happy, but also on how your products operate, is a vitally important step on your path towards success. Most importantly, having product knowledge will allow your customer service representatives to sound competent and confident. They will have a level of conviction about their company’s offerings, and that will be reflected in how they interact with customers. Not only will they be able to answer questions, but they will also increase the odds of making a sale when they really know the benefits that a product provides.

Making Product Recommendations

Customer service isn’t just there to address customers’ concerns when they are disappointed with a purchase; it is also there to answer questions regarding your products and hopefully land a sale. If your team is well aware of all of your products and what they can do for people, they will be able to effectively make recommendations, steering customers towards specific products that will fill their needs.

When running a business and training your customer service team, it is all about getting more sales and keeping existing customers happy in the event that they were at all disappointed with your products. Training your customer service team on all of your products and their features will not only increase the potential for sales, but will also allow your team to keep customers satisfied.

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