Supercharge Your Business Growth with Marketing Automation: 3 Strategies to Implement in 2017


If you want to supercharge your business growth in 2017, you need to begin by automating as many of your marketing practices as possible. Marketing is still as important as ever, but you can no longer afford to do without automation while your competitors save time and money on similar efforts.

3 Ways to Supercharge Your Business Growth with Marketing Automation

The way you market must change. Implement these three strategies right away to make certain your company closes out 2017 as a banner year:

1. Use Automatic Email Reminders for Important Dates

Would your past customers appreciate warm messages on their birthdays? Could you potentially use that kind of message to secure another sale?

Do you think your customer retention rates and company reputation would improve if you followed up with buyers a couple of weeks after they purchased from you?

Automatic email reminders make it easy to “remember” these important dates, which give you excellent opportunities to build further rapport with your customers or even make another sale. Just create the various messages you wish to send and the protocols that will trigger when they’re sent. This is all extremely easy to do with marketing automation software.

Email automation software, like Infusionsoft, takes this a step further by creating an email workflow that dynamically sends the next email based on how the recipient interacts with each email. For example, an online clothing retailer sends a welcome email to new subscribers which include links to different product categories and information about their loyalty program. If the recipient clicks on one of the product category links, the email workflow will dynamically send them emails in the future specific to those products.

2. Repurpose Content Without Doing Any Extra Work

Producing high-quality content is central to successful marketing. Creating it isn’t enough, though. You also need to put it in front of potential customers. Unfortunately, this can be a very time-consuming priority.

This is why you should always repurpose the content you’re already making. Best of all, this is extremely easy to automate. For example, when you post a new blog, it should be immediately shared with those who follow your company on social media.

You could also use an automated script to collect all of your blog posts from the prior week and add them to your newsletter. This will ensure more people see every piece of content you’re creating without doing any extra work.

3. Customize Your Landing Pages

Instead of using the same landing page for every single visitor, customize yours so a potential customer can tell you’re speaking directly to them. This is something Amazon does particularly well. No two people see the same homepage because Amazon customizes theirs based on what the visitor has shown interest in or purchased in the past.

You can use automation to have the same effect. Common ways to customize a landing page include using:

    ·The visitor’s name

    ·Their company’s name

    ·Past purchases


This kind of customization doesn’t just make the landing page feel more familiar. It’s also a good example of how automation can increase your profits by showing past customers other products or services they may be interested in instead of making them go looking.

Quit Wasting Time and Money

Inefficient marketing is no longer an option. Begin implementing the three marketing automation strategies above right away and you’ll soon attract more customers with less effort. Best of all, you’ll find you’re able to do this without investing more time and money into the process.

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