Start Up and Grow

Every time we do something new it's a start up. They key is to get going and keep momentum. Here’s how to make that happen.

Start Up and Grow

Most people hear the phrase “start up” and automatically think it only refers to owning your own company. The truth is, we are all in start up mode every time we start something new. This can mean a new job, new role in your company, moving to a new city, a new relationship, or starting a new week or new month. Employees, sales people, managers, and owners are ‘starting up’ all the time. And when you quit starting up, you will just stop. Once you start up, hopefully you’ll go where you want to go. Here’s how to make that happen.

My first business started 25 years ago and I’ve had thousands of ‘start up’ phases along the way. I also had a bunch of stalls and slow downs, gone backwards more times than I can count and missed more quotas than I have hit. In fact, you and I are both in start up phase again right now, as we set new quotas and targets.

When I start something new (a day, a month, or a new business) this is what I do:

  • Set a target. This is a sky-high, big picture goal.
  • Create a business plan that will get me there.
  • Start calling on clients, selling and closing deals.
  • Reinvest the resources in expansion and marketing.
  • Make adjustments in the plan and pitch to continue to add new customers.

New things happen everyday and most people need a little help staying focused and getting re-motivated. I know how tough it is but I also know that I can’t stop. Whether you measure your life and business by the day, week, month, quarter, or if you are starting a new business or relationship, you need to maintain your focus everyday to keep the main thing the main thing!

Everyday start fresh – a new focus, a new attitude, new targets, new customers, new calls, new challenges, and hopefully new resources (money). Don’t bring yesterday’s failures or disappointments into today.

Hey, I know it’s not always easy. I make sure to start off each day with a morning meeting at my office. These meetings are fast and meant to catch up and get people excited about the day ahead. Despite traffic, bad weather, and any other morning challenge, I want my people motivated to tackle the day. Get in the practice of having a fast morning meeting.

If you aren’t starting something new you aren’t challenging yourself. You also have to be sure you are staying focused and keeping yourself fueled up to carry your projects through to completion. That’s where all the rewards are.

Maybe the reason people hate starting a new month is because they lack the motivation, focus, and mindset needed to make the most of each new day, week, and month. You’ll see these new opportunities popping up everywhere when you start getting the proper motivation to start each day.

Treat your start up like a car; get in, turn the ignition, know where you are going, who you are going to see, hit the accelerator and go as fast as you can!

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