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BY: ON TUESDAY, MAY 16, 2017

Technological development is moving forward with insane speed and today the priority question is that of protection. We are surrounded by frauds and scammers as well as other curious individuals who are eager to get access to someone’s private life. It is necessary to take measures as soon as possible to prevent private and business data from leaking and find reliable service to guard online activity and ensure the safety of all confidential data.

Safety is crucial; we want to protect privacy from prying eyes and in this case addressing VPN services is the best solution. If you are not familiar with what VPN connection is and are curious of what it can save you from, here are the main advantages that will guarantee the peace of mind of every Internet user:

    ·VPN services protect personal data, location, hide IP address and provide us with complete anonymity;

    ·Remote access to the office network and corporate files available only for employees. It is possible to work not only from your home but from any location;

    ·No one will have access to your browsing history;

    ·Every user can switch servers and change IP address as well as their geographical location;

    ·Due to great amount of servers and nodes, the connection is strong and fast;

    ·VPNs are useful when dealing with restricted websites or trying to bypass Internet filters provided by educational facilities or government;

    ·Customer service is available 24/7 and can provide any type of help.

VPN’s services are getting more popular with each day and may be used not only for business protection but in guarding home network.

Free and paid VPN services – which one to choose?

Everything is about personal data safety today. Our numerous devices store a lot of personal data that can seriously harm us if used by frauds. This is the main reason why we should use services of reliable VPN providers to protect us from hackers and snoopers.

While choosing the most suitable service, it is important to remember that nothing comes for free. Today, the market can offer not only paid VPNs but also free ones. The latter ones have numerous disadvantages as poor protocols - PPTP, it is easy to set up and very vulnerable to attacks – your VPN connection isn’t safe. On the other hand, paid services offer IPsec or L2TP protocols that are more secure than PPTP.

Also, free providers cannot ensure a decent quality of speed and bandwidth. Paid ones, however, have enough money to ensure secure and faster connections as they have numerous servers located across the world. Lack of multiple VPN nodes is another flaw of free providers that results in sudden disconnections. Don’t expect to have any kind of customer support as these professional are expected to be paid for. Probably the only benefit of free VPNs in user’s personal anonymity is that it doesn’t have to indicate real names nor filling up any documents.

Don’t forget that safety always comes first and be sure to choose paid VPN services to properly protect yourself.

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