Reinforcing Your SMB's Mission, Vision, and Core Values


Just about every business has a general mission statement or vision that helps guide the organization’s behaviors. A mission statement differentiates you from competitors, reminds employees about your scope of business, and tells customers why you exist.

Mission statements can be extremely broad, such as Google’s mission to “Organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful,” and they can also be more specific, such as Aflac’s mission “To combine aggressive strategic marketing with quality products and services at competitive prices to provide the best insurance value for consumers.”

Whatever your mission statement is, it was likely crafted with care, and can be an important part of your business and strategy. Finding ways to reinforce your company’s mission and vision, along with core values or competencies, can be a good way to keep your company on track and focused on what’s important. Here are a few tips that you might find useful.

Tell Stories of Heroes or Success

In quite a few companies, it is common for stories to exist about the employee who went above and beyond expectations and completed a certain task or goal, against all odds. Or perhaps it was a story about the employee who took an initiative into their own hands, and saved one of the biggest projects of the year.

Whatever the case, stories and tales of these heroes can be supportive and inspirational when told correctly. Good times to tell these stories could be upon hiring new employees, at staff meetings, or when a motivational speech is needed. These stories help convey messages and values that your organization depends on, and encourages current employees to think along the same lines.

Use Symbols or Artifacts

Symbols and artifacts at your company are physical objects, items, acts, or events that take place and convey meaning to others. There is meaning behind just about everything – the standard of dress in the office, the type of furniture and pictures displayed, the well-known company slogans. All of these can convey different messages, depending on how an organization wants to be seen.

Does your organization thrive on creativity, communication, and innovation? Strict dress might not be too important, but the layout of offices and office furniture can play a giant role in the interpersonal relationships and interactions of employees.

On the other hand, perhaps dress is extremely important in your organization. Utilizing paintings, pictures, and even small awards/rewards may be beneficial in motivating the desired behavior. The important thing is to fill your organization with items and symbols that represent your ideals.

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Jon Visaisouk
Jon Visaisouk is the Western Regional Manager for ANTVibes. Jon’s writing focuses on cross-cultural communication, small business advice, and customer service.
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