How to Manage Effectively During Trying Times


Managing Effectively During Trying Times

Anyone can steer a ship through calm waters; true progress and solid leadership manifest themselves during times of uncertainty, when the mettle and ingenuity of management, and the quality of the business and product, are truly tested.

Though the American economy is showing signs of recovery, the last four years have certainly reshaped the landscape, and many businesses, areas and industries are still struggling.

We know that over-estimated property values, high-risk home mortgage loans and exorbitant credit card debt all played a role in the financial crisis (Great Recession)– but the underlying factor was an out-dated and ill-fitting economic structure that no longer support the times and how businesses need to do work.

Much like a control fire helps eliminate old brush to allow new vegetation to grow, the recession has cleared away old, out-dated businesses no longer equipped to fit the needs of today’s economy.

In order for your business to survive in these uncertain times your business will have to evolve to fill the needs of a changing market. If you can take advantage of change, your business can emerge stronger and more efficient than before, and with a leg up over the competition. Check out our comprehensive business directory to find out which businesses are evolving in this everchanging market. 

What’s the deciding factor between sink or swim? Success or failure? Obviously, a business is going nowhere without a quality product that consumers want to buy, but the key to pushing through tough times is undoubtedly capable, visionary, creative and flexible management. A strong leader or management team will be able to rally the team and make the changes necessary to keep the business going through challenging times. Here are some tips on how to be that transcendent leader for your organization.

Tips for Managing a Business Through Difficult Times

1.    Though it may feel like it sometimes, a business is not an island in the middle of nowhere. A business is part of an industry and a market, one piece of an elaborate chain. A good leader must be able to interpret industry trends and news and perceive what changes are necessary to reflect that information.

2.    Businesses today are not the rigid entities of the industrial revolution. Today, businesses are more fluid because the work that needs to be done is more complex. You have to be a leader who can adapt to new needs or projects quickly, rally and reorganize your team and deploy them quickly. Whichever business can reorganize and attack a problem efficiently and quickly will be the one that succeeds.

3.    The days of being the feared boss, delegating from behind the office door are over. You must build strong relationships with your team and constantly be in communication with them over your goals, needs and what you require from them. Having strong relationships within the organization will make your business a more fluid and efficient team. A lesson from sports and the military: team members with strong relationships based on trust and shared effort are much more willing to take the extra step for one another.

4.    Effective management must be able to communicate short-term goals and expectations to employees. As your employees for their opinions about certain projects or issues. It will make them feel important and included, and they may be able to offer a solution to the problem that you hadn’t considered.

5.    Having and keeping the right people is essential to running a successful business. This does not always mean retaining the most tenured employees, or the ones you like the best. You must be able to evaluate performance and potential rationally. Consider how your personnel fit in to your long-term goals. Professional management training is available (and necessary, these days) to bring less experienced, but more competent, employees up to speed. Check out our professional management and training business directory to find a local company near you.

The success of a business rests squarely on the shoulders of management, success - especially in the face of hardship - takes resolve, vision and creativity, but you don't have to do it alone. Surround yourself with quality employees, and the structure of your business will be able to endure even the most challenging of times.

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